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How to compare funeral prices and save money!

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Paying for a funeral is one of the biggest purchases we will ever make, yet most of us don’t shop around on service and price. Why is that?  We wouldn’t consider buying a car or paying for a wedding without learning everything we can about the product or service. But when it comes to funerals, […]

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Thinking of Planning Your Own Funeral?

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Death is a subject that most of us do NOT want to talk about and yet it is inevitable for all of us. We tend to avoid the topic as much as possible but talking about it with family and friends or taking the time to plan your funeral ahead could save us all from […]

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Ways to save money on funerals costs

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Dealing with death is emotionally difficult, but dealing with the financial cost of saying goodbye to a loved one can make it even harder. Most of us only find out about funeral costs when we need to arrange the funeral of a family member or friend. In a recent survey commissioned by the Australian Funeral […]

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Arranging a funeral can be difficult during this time of emotional hardship. The fear of 'negotiating' the funeral price of your loved one can be an unnecessary stress. eziFunerals can put your mind at ease with a quick quote request, followed by a call from one of our local Independent Funeral Directors who can provide a FREE consultation discussing the various options available to you - all FOR FREE! ezifunerals.com.au/find-a-funeral-director/?state=New+South+Wales
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Don't be fooled into thinking that using a website from public listed companies means greater choice or lower prices. Independent Funeral Directors listed with www.eziFuneralscom.au usually offer a more flexible and personalised service at a much better price.
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Avoid A Funeral R.I.P OFF
Concerns from unwary consumers continue to rise with ongoing concerns at a perceived lack of transparency, the high cost of funerals, a lack of competitiveness and the need for increased regulation across the industry. ezifunerals.com.au/avoid-a-funeral-rip-off/
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