eziFunerals Owner and Founder, Peter Erceg has raised concerns about new online companies touting cheap cremations to unwary consumers.

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Although price can be a major consideration, the race to be the cheapest, has created an environment in which some cremation providers are doing whatever they can to cut costs to sell the cheapest cremation in the marketplace.

Since Covid 19, we have seen a rise in the number of online tech companies starting up in Sydney and Melbourne, that is negatively impacting the ability of funeral directors to meet community expectations. This has resulted in many families walking away – disappointed.

It is clear that these new entrants incorrectly believe that the number one priority to someone shopping for a cremation Sydney is price. And by trying to sell the cheapest cremation Melbourne, there is a fear that the race to the bottom may result in cutting corners to increase their total sales volume.


You only get one chance at cremation

The final disposition following a death is just that – final. Families only have one opportunity to have it done right.  There are no re-runs.

So while the new cremation business model is based solely on price, the race to be the cheapest, this has the potential to leave a family bereft and unhappy with how the final disposition of their loved one has been handled.

The cheapest cremation Sydney can mean that the deceased may be cremated in a plastic body bag or hospital gown. Even worse they may be stored in a factory somewhere or even shipped off with multiple other bodies to a crematorium 100km away. How would you know?

Most grieving families never think about this in advance and if they did, they’d probably wished they had chosen another option and treated the deceased person with more dignity and respect.


How to ensure that your expectations are met? 

When shopping for a simple cremation, eziFunerals recommends that you ask the right questions.

  • Ask yourself, what am I giving up by going with the cheapest cremation provider?
  • Am I missing out on using a local business who hires locals and volunteers time and money to the community?
  • Am I missing out on experience, or quality, or service?
  • Am I using a middleman who is going to transfer my loved ones body to another provider to be cremated?
  • Am I using a funeral business that is cutting corners?
  • How will the funeral home care for my loved one before, during and after the cremation?
  • Where and how will my loved one be transferred to the crematorium?
  • Am I missing out if I use a cremation provider that really cares and is going to support me throughout the process?

In other words, look beyond price and ask questions about what makes a cremation provider different and ask questions about things that are important to you.

We all know that the cheapest is not necessarily the best. Something has to give and this normally means poor service and low quality. In the case of laying someone to rest, dignity and respect for the person that has passed away, can often be the biggest casualty.



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