With so many cremation service providers in Adelaide & South Australia, choosing the right one for you can be difficult. That’s where eziFunerals can help. If you need to choose a Adelaide cremation provider, eziFunerals can help you find and compare cremation providers, understand your options and ask the right questions.  


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Buying cremation services in Adelaide South Australia is similar to making any large purchase. Unfortunately, the process can be complicated by the fact that you do not have a lot of time for shopping around. Even when you need to make your decision right away, there are a few things you can do to make sure you choose the best Adelaide cremation provider at the best price.


Ask the right questions

By asking the right questions, you will find the right cremation service in Adelaide for you. If a cremation provider is not willing to offer the information you need, it may be best to try another funeral director.


Don’t be fooled by price

You may have seen recent advertisements from some Adelaide cremation providers offering cremation for less that $1,500. If treating your loved one with respect and dignity is your priority, then read our questions below and do your homeworkRemember you get what you pay for!


Understand your cremation options

There are many different cremation options available to families in Adelaide, South Australia. Make sure you understand what’s involved in each option. If cost is the sole factor when deciding the cremation of a loved one, then “Direct Cremation” in may be right for you. Read our Guide on Direct Cremation. Read our Guide on Direct Cremation.


Know who you are dealing with

Most of the larger cremation service providers in Adelaide are owned by publicly listed companies. Check to see if the cremation provider you are considering is independent and a member of eziFunerals.  



Request free quotes from local funeral directors and get an estimate of cremation costs. It’s easy. Give it a try!



Professional cremation services by eziFunerals members

Not all cremation service providers in Adelaide are the same. So it pays to do your homework! eziFunerals recommend that you ask the following key questions before selecting the best cremation service provider in your area:

  • Where and how will they care for your loved one before cremation?
  • Which crematorium will they transfer your loved one for cremation?
  • Can family members attend the crematorium?

If immediate family members wish to attend the crematorium for ONE LAST GOODBYE, speak to the funeral director to see what is possible. If they are inflexible choose another one – you are the client.


Request free quotes from local funeral directors and get an estimate of cremation costs. It’s easy. Give it a try!




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