eziFunerals is pleased to support the launch of DaisyBox™ coffins and caskets.

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Greg Nicholls, Founder & CEO of DaisyBox™ said “We are excited to launch our new brand of coffins and caskets, incorporating our BioBoard® patented casket-manufacturing technology. It’s the same casket, with room for upgraded options.”

“Leading up to the launch of DaisyBox™, BioBoard caskets have become the most successful-selling corrugated fibreboard caskets in the Southern Hemisphere”, he says.

“DaisyBox™ has the ambitious goal of becoming a consumer-recognisable global brand. This re-brand and pending release of our new “Classic” printed casket range (with carry-handle upgrade and fabric-insert options), is designed to provide value for money, drive new sales, lower energy emissions and a better customer experience for all stakeholders”‘ he said.

A new video to support the DaisyBox™ launch is now live on our website www.daisybox.com.au.



Contact Information

Greg Nicholls, Founder & CEO

DaisyBox A division of Nicholls Technologies Pty Ltd

greg@daisybox.com.au; www.daisybox.com.au


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