The latest statistical snapshot on deaths by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) [24/09/2020] raises some interesting data for the funeral industry in New South Wales.

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Although rising deaths are good for the funeral industry, it raises some concerns for shareholders of InvoCare and Propel Funeral Partners. Combined with increased competition by independent funeral directors, lower funeral price offerings by competitors, greater demand for direct cremation and online funeral disruptors, like eziFunerals, these big funeral chains are starting to see a decline in market share and funeral volumes. See our article ‘The elephant, the gazelle and the mouse‘.

In 2019, there were 169,301 deaths registered in Australia, 10,808 more than the number registered in the previous year (158,493). Over three quarters (78.3%) of these deaths occurred in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland combined. In New South Wales, there were 56,058 deaths, 2,425 more than the number registered in the previous year (53,633).

The following table shows the top 10 local government areas of deaths registered in New South Wales, 2019. To learn more about death rates and funeral industry trends in Australia visit


Top 10 Areas for Deaths in New South Wales

Local Government Area  

Number of Deaths


Standardised Death Rates (per 1000 population)
Central Coast 3,364 6.0
Canterbury-Bankstown 2,248 4.9
Lake Macquarie 1,932 6.0
Wollongong 1,667 5.5
Northern Beaches 1,804 4.3
Blacktown 1,697 5.7
Sutherland Shire 1,603 4.7
Newcastle 1,456 6.5
Fairfield 1,324 5.1
Mid-Coast 1,250 6.0

Source: Australia Bureau of Statistics – Deaths, Australia, 2019




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