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What is an enduring power of attorney

An enduring power of attorney is a power of attorney that continues to operate even after you become legally incapacitated – eg if you become of unsound mind or are unable to communicate in any way, perhaps after a stroke. Taking the time to make an enduring power of attorney means your financial affairs can be looked after by someone you know and trust.

You can’t make a power of attorney after you have become legally incapacitated. If a person’s capacity at the time of making a power of attorney may be in doubt, then it is best to get a doctor’s written opinion confirming that the donor appeared able to understand the nature and effect of the document at the time of signing.





Why you should have an Enduring Power of Attorney?

When you’re feeling healthy and fit, it’s easy to take your ability to make your own decisions for granted. But you never know when that ability could be taken away due to illness or unexpected events, temporarily or forever.

Appointing a Power of Attorney is a crucial part of planning your estate to ensure that no matter what happens, a plan is in place to ensure you are cared for.





What Can An Enduring Power Of Attorney Do?

The role of an enduring power of attorney is to manage your financial or legal affairs on your behalf. This can include:

  • Signing certain documents
  • Paying bills and managing bank accounts
  • Selling or renting your home if you no longer live there
  • Arranging a new home or living situation (e.g. arranging for care or assisted living).



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