This is a story about Eric. He is 79 and his health is declining, so he thought, at his age, it was sensible to start thinking about end of life planning.

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It was a recent conversation about death and dying with his friends that got him thinking initially. He said he was worried about the cost of funerals being so expensive and did not want to leave a financial and emotional burden on his children. So he felt he needed to act now, before it was too late.

So, he visited eziFunerals, a new funeral planning website that helps guide you through the funeral planning process. Best of all, it was FREE!


“I suppose I should tell you what I did today – I just planned my own funeral.”


But Eric also had another reason for planning his funeral ahead of time. “I now have the comfort of knowing that if I were in hospital, very ill and unlikely to get better, all this stuff is done. I wouldn’t have to struggle to make my wishes known from a hospital bed,” he said.

Eric now has a detailed document, outlining not only the practical, but also the small things that are personally important to him, such as the readings and music he would like at his funeral mass.

At first, Eric’s family thought it was an irrational thing for him to do, but it was the opposite. His family are now grateful to know that when the day arrives, they now know exactly what is to be done, before they contact a funeral director. They also have the comfort of knowing that Eric’s send-off will be exactly as he wanted it to be.


Have you considered planning your own funeral?

Planning your own funeral is an opportunity to think, not only about how you would like things done, but also to consider how best to spend your money. It can make a difficult time much easier for family and friends at a time of intense grief.

There is a huge sense of relief in knowing that a loved one’s wishes are being carried out to the letter, as they wanted. Doing so removes not only the financial burden from remaining family, but also the emotional burden of wondering what your Mum or Dad would have liked.


Planning your own funeral is easy!

Simply follow the steps below and in a matter of minutes, you’ll have created a personalised funeral plan that records all your funeral wishes for your family.

Step One: Register as a new Funeral Consumer, or simply login to your account.

Step Two: Select the Plan A Funeral menu option and follow the steps provided in each section.

  • “Details of Person Making Arrangements” allows you to record details your family will need for official records.
  • “Details of Committal” allows you to record how you would like to be put to rest.
  • “Details of the Funeral” allows you to record your wishes regarding your funeral.

Step Three: Save or submit your personalised funeral for a no obligation and  itemised quote from funeral directors.

Once your funeral plan is created, you can store it online, share it with your family, download it, and use it to compare funeral prices from multiple funeral homes in your area before selecting a funeral director that’s right for you and your family.


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