eziFunerals, the online funeral platform for independent funeral directors and consumers, today announced the launch of its Funeral Partners Program.

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Preferred Partners status enables eziFunerals to collaborate more closely with similar businesses servicing the funeral industry to offer big savings to members.

“We believe that independent funeral directors need a strong and independent voice to represent the interests of both our member funeral directors and customers,” said Peter Erceg, Founder and Owner of eziFunerals.

“Rather than follow the big funeral chains of acquiring local and family owned funeral homes–which would compromise independence and stifle competition–we’ve chosen to collaborate with some of the best industry providers, reaping the benefits of partnership without compromising on quality and price.”

eziFunerals Preferred Partners will provide a range of exclusive benefits to our members, including probate, financial assistance, online memorials, coffin supplies, and exclusive benefits and discounts for eziFunerals members. 

We negotiate deals with preferred providers Australia wide to enable members to get a better deal, benefit from economies of scale, competitive pricing and lower input costs.

Online estate planning platform, Willed was one of the first preferred partners to join the program. “Naturally we are delighted for the opportunity to partner with like-minded, customer-focused businesses such as eziFunerals to give our customers peace of mind knowing that their wishes are carried out once they pass away, said Willed Co-Founder Aaron Zelmon.”

For more information about eziFunerals Preferred Partnership program, visit https://ezifunerals.com.au/funeral-partners/.



About eziFunerals

eziFunerals mission is to change the way people organise a funeral so that they are empowered to plan a good goodbye and manage one of life’s most stressful events anywhere, anytime.


About Willed

Willed’s mission is to change the way people organise their affairs so that they have peace of mind that their spouse, children and assets are protected once they pass away.

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