Funerals can bring out the best and worst in families. 

For many, a death can re-unite a family and provide the support that keeps them grounded during a difficult time. For others, the death of a loved one can have a major impact on family unity and a source of additional stress.  

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So when it comes to funerals, a breakdown in the family can create some real challenges. As hard as it is for many of us to admit, it is not uncommon for families to experience conflict over the funeral arrangementsQuestions like whether someone will be buried or cremated, where the service will be held, choice of songs, etc. can bring surprising strife between family members.

Coping with a death is hard enough, but when family members fight after a death, it can feel like a secondary loss. You’re trying to cope with the death of your loved one, and suddenly your support system is not only unsupportive but an additional source of grief. If this has been your experience, please know that you are not alone. So many people can relate to family fighting after a death.

Although most family members typically want to do right thing by their deceased loved one, in the absence of clarity, your family members can be left speculating and, unfortunately, disagreeing about what you would have wanted as your final goodbye.


How to avoid conflict at your funeral

eziFunerals online funeral planning service helps families limit the additional pain sometimes brought on by carrying out final arrangements. We can help families handle the planning of final arrangements together, with limited to no conflict amongst each other.

We will guide you, step-by-step, through each stage. In a matter of minutes, you and your family will have created a personalised funeral plan that records all your funeral wishes for your family to implement when the time comes.


How it works:

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