Gift of Grace!

eziFunerals is a proud supporter of Gift of Grace!

Here’s a special feature of who they are, what they do, and why we’re so excited to support them:

About Gift of Grace

Gift of Grace is a holistic funeral service provider.

They are dedicated to assisting you make conscious choices and informed decisions.

They offer a personalised and compassionate approach to dying, death and funeral care.

Whether you opt for a service at a cemetery chapel, church, at home, a special venue, a memorial service or no service at all, they will help you plan and deliver a funeral that reflects the values, culture, beliefs and relationships of the person who is being farewelled.

They are actively committed to social and environmental sustainability and will gently and genuinely develop a relationship of trust, ease and respect with you and your bereaved family and friends.

Gift of Grace is proudly leading the way in natural death care, natural burial and supporting family led funerals.

The choice is yours, – simple, modern, traditional or bespoke, we will sincerely afford you the time and expertise to create a heartfelt goodbye. You are unique and so are we!

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Gift of Grace
1300 856 862
Working Hours
Weekdays 9am – 5pm

They are available after hours if needed