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Estate planning is a generic term for sorting your financial interests before your death. Your estate relates to everything you own at the time of death, encompassing everything from real estate to personal property such as belongings, cars, etc.

An estate planning lawyer will help you understand what is involved in an estate plan, including the appropriate documentation for your situation. Typically you’ll need a lawyer to help you draft a will or trust (or both).




How will estate planning benefit me?

There are several important benefits of estate planning, including:

  • Peace of mind. The biggest benefit of estate planning is the peace of mind it provides, ensuring that your hard-earned assets will be distributed according to your wishes.
  • Financial support for the people you care about. By developing a comprehensive estate plan, you can guarantee that your assets go to the right people.
  • Eliminates disputes. A clear will and a good estate plan will help your loved ones avoid arguments, disputes and even messy legal battles about the fair distribution of your assets.
  • Tax-effective. With help from legal and financial professionals, you can distribute your assets in a way that minimises the tax obligations your heirs will face.
  • More than just money. Estate planning is about much more than just dividing up your finances; it also allows you to ensure that you receive the medical care you want, that your children are properly cared for if you die unexpectedly, and even that you’re given the funeral you want.


Why do I need an estate planning lawyer?

Although wills and trusts can be created without the assistance of an estate planning lawyer, it’s important to note that these documents are some of the most important that you’ll ever sign! Given what is at stake, it’s worth getting assistance just to make sure you’ve got everything covered.


How much will an estate planning lawyer charge?

Typically estate planning lawyers charge by the hour, meaning that things can get expensive fairly quickly.

We recommend you find a estate planning lawyer that works on a fixed-fee basis, ensuring you’re always aware of the financial expectations. We’ll connect you with estate lawyers that can provide you with a fixed-price quotes at a price that works for you.


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We understand you’ve got a lot to deal with right now – especially if you’re responsible for managing the affairs of your loved one. When the funeral is over, you may need to apply for the right to deal with your loved one’s estate: their property, money and possessions.

Let us help. We can connect you with probate and estate planning experts to help you organise your estate and create the legal documents to protect you and your loved ones should you fall ill or pass away unexpectedly.




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