eziFunerals is a FREE funeral service that helps consumers and Independent Funeral Homes connect and collaborate anywhere, anytime. We are committed to providing fair, affordable and transparent funerals. Our Clients are seeking assistance from Funeral Homes operating across Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra and Darwin. They prefer to do their research online and seek direct funeral assistance from funeral homes at a later time when they are more informed and are ready to make decisions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our research has found that consumers now want independent and objective information and enjoy the convenience and privacy internet shopping offers. They prefer to seek direct funeral assistance at a later time when they are informed and ready to make decisions. eziFunerals will attract these customers to your business and will increase your sales by establishing new business connections with other organisations who will promote our website and thereby increase your brand visibility.

In order to be listed on our Site, receive unlimited consumer requests and provide quotes to consumers, Funeral Homes are required to pay a monthly subscription fee of $49. All Prices will include GST.

Yes. eziFunerals provides Australia's premier funeral forum for consumers to share real-life experiences and opinions about funeral services and products Australia wide. You get to observe and respond to feedback, ratings and reviews of services you provide.

No. eziFunerals is an independent consumer advocacy and funeral planning service that is intended to supplement the important service provided by funeral directors. We are an online service for people who prefer to plan their own funeral before meeting with a funeral director.

In the current economic climate, funeral homes are increasingly looking to channels that are accountable and where a return on investment is easily calculable. Our online funeral planning and comparison service is one of the most cost effective and measurable ways for funeral homes to acquire new customers. We connect you with potential funeral consumers who require a funeral quote direct from your business. This provides you with a greater opportunity to convert a customer compared to many “traditional” forms of online marketing.

eziFunerals provides a premium funeral advocacy and planning service. Our complete online funeral planning solution provides transparency between the funeral consumer and the funeral home. There is no additional incentive for the funeral consumer to leave their information apart from the fact that they will be contacted by the funeral home they have invited to provide a no obligation funeral quote.

Our Premium funeral advocacy and planning service is characterised by the accuracy and quality of information a potential funeral customer has to give before they request a quote from a funeral home. Typically, this will be a set of contact information such as full name, postal address, type of funeral service, budget, contact telephone number and email address. Consumers are also able to prepare a comprehensive online funeral plan which is also submitted with the quote request. These plans allow the funeral home to save hours on staff costs by avoiding the need to send funeral arrangers to the customers home.

Consumer requests are generated and delivered to funeral homes in real-time which means that funeral homes will receive the information from the funeral consumer within seconds of them submitting their quote request on our site. Due to the short time needed to select a funeral home, real-time requests from consumers offers significant commercial advantages as the funeral home can contact the family when their need for your service is greatest which will increase conversions and ROI.

Consumer requests are worth nothing if you can’t convert them into paying, loyal customers. Therefore, make the most out of consumer requests by following up immediately and professionally assuring the highest conversions and a positive ROI for your membership.

No. eziFunerals is an independent, Australian-owned and operated company, and is not a subsidiary of any other corporation. We are not part of any other funeral company, we do not conduct funerals, nor do we receive commissions from consumers final decision-making. Our sole purpose is to provide the information clients need to make a well-informed decision and get value for money.


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