How to Elevate Your Funeral Home SEO Strategy

Every month, millions of people across the globe hop onto search engines such as Google and Bing to look up the phrases ‘funeral’ or ‘funeral homes’. As an essential service, it’s vital that your funeral home can reach the highest amount of potential clients who may look you up on a search engine. That’s where search engine optimisation – or SEO – comes in.

Funeral home SEO can not only help your business reach more clients than ever before, it provides one of the highest returns on investments compared to other digital marketing strategies due to its ability to create long-term benefits for your business.  If you’re looking for a simple way to generate long-lasting increased website traffic on top of more potential customers, it’s time to implement funeral home SEO.


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What is SEO?

Search engine optimisation is the process of improving your website to raise its online presence on search terms relevant to the business. Search engines such as Google and Bing use bots to ‘crawl’ through websites across the internet, including yours. Through this, they analyse every web page, and with hundreds of ranking factors, determine what terms you’ll appear for and what order your website will be placed in the search results.


How to Make a Successful SEO Campaign for Funeral Homes

To construct an effective funeral home SEO campaign, you’ll need to understand a few core areas that every strategy needs to incorporate for long-term success. This includes detailed keyword research, technical and website content optimisations, and link acquisition. For your funeral home to stand out amongst the crowd in terms of SEO, having these pillars down can give you that much-needed head start that can have you connecting to the customers you want in no time.



Keyword Research

For any SEO tactic to work, let alone one for a funeral home, you need to have a grasp on the keywords your website needs to target that allows you to attract the right clients to your website. Keywords are the terms and phrases that a person types into search engines such as Google to find the right answer they’re looking for. For example, if you wanted to buy sneakers for exercise you might type into a search engine ‘running sneakers’.

Keyword research is crucial for any funeral home SEO strategy as the terms and queries you identify as relevant to your web page will form the foundations of any tactics and techniques you decide to implement. What’s more, accidentally using terms on your funeral home site that are irrelevant might lead to attracting lower quality leads.

There are three types of keywords that a person can search for, let’s take a look at each of these now.


Navigational Keywords

Navigational keywords are typically branded search terms that include the company’s name or related product/service. Here are some examples:

[company name]
Visit [company name]
Contact [company name]


Users who use navigational keywords more than likely already know of the brand and are either seeking further information about their services or are wishing to make a conversion. Due to how specific to your business these queries are, navigational keywords are in turn vital towards your funeral home’s SEO.



Informational Keywords

These are generally long-tail keywords (longer, more niche phrases) where the person is likely more focused on obtaining information rather than making a conversion. While these searchers might not be looking for funeral home assistance in the future, they are likely planning for it in the future.

As such, being able to get yourself seen on these pages – albeit with the corresponding page with relevant information – can net you a transaction in the future as the person remembers your business during their or a friend’s time of need. Examples of these for a funeral home can include:

What are funeral homes?
How do I plan for a funeral?
Who should I call when someone dies?
What to wear to a funeral


Transactional Keywords

These keywords are phrases that indicate the clear intention to make a conversion or transaction with a funeral home. While these phrases can be a little broad, they could also be dependent on the location of the business. Examples include:

Funeral homes
Funeral homes near me
Funeral homes [city]
Prepaid funerals [city]
[city] cremation services


Now that you’ve completed your research, it’s time to start working on implementing these terms into your website. Let’s start by making content optimisations!



Website Content Optimisations

To truly bolster your funeral home SEO strategy, it’s important to introduce targeted website content optimisations across your website. Using the aforementioned research, you should be able to spot plenty of opportunities to improve your site and increase organic traffic. Here are some areas that can help you get started.


Integrate Keywords to Service Pages

With the keywords at the ready, it’s time to integrate them across your site, starting with your home and service pages. As these pages are generally for those looking to make a conversion, we recommend using relevant transactional keywords. Areas to integrate these keywords range from the page title, headings, and the main body of content.

However, while you’ll need to place them across the page, don’t go completely overboard and use the terms too much. Known as ‘keyword stuffing’, placing too many instances of one keyword, especially in a way that grammatically makes little sense, can negatively impact your rankings.


Update and Re-Vitalise Current Posts

Now that you’ve optimised your main pages, it’s time to move onto your blog posts, if you happen to have one. Start by identifying your higher performing pages as well as others that have the potential to rank higher. Then, using those informational keywords you’ve found in your research, update each post.

As with any content, make sure that any update you make is relevant and meaningful to the post itself. While it could help you rank higher, users who visit your web page might quickly leave as it doesn’t serve the information they actually need.



Create Keyword-focused Content

Don’t have a place to regularly release content online? It might be a good time to start! Funerals are a touchy subject for many individuals, and people tend to turn to the web when faced with questions in this area. Being able to have your site show up for niche questions or queries can help your site in the future gain increased sales and brand awareness.


Technical SEO

An area often lacking amongst many sites across the internet including funeral homes, is effective technical SEO, and the perfect chance for your business to quickly reach the audience you want. Technical SEO is the process of making sure your site is optimised for a search engine to crawl through with little issue. While having high-quality content is vital, if your technical SEO is broken, your website might not rank on any search results at all.


Review Your Website Structure

Probably the most important step in technical SEO is having a site structure and navigation that is easily understandable by a search engine. A simple, flat structure can help your site ranking faster and higher. For a successful structure, you want to make sure that URLs on your site don’t go too long with many sub-pages.



Remove Duplicate Content

Something that often happens is the use of the same content throughout your website. This a major red flag for search engines, which will consider it as spammy content and lower your rankings. As such, try to remove this duplicate content or edit it in a way that can be seen as unique. Duplicate content also matters for information grabbed from external sites too. As a general rule, ensure that every piece of content is unique to your site alone.


Link Building

A powerful strategy when used correctly, link building is the tactic where external websites include a link back to your site. Link building is a ranking factor and process used by Google to help verify your site as trustworthy. Essentially, if you’re linked on multiple sites across the web, Google will trust your site more. As such, acquiring links is one surefire way to see your business rocket up the rankings.

There are a number of ways to obtain links, from connecting with partnered sites, encouraging businesses to link to quality pieces of content you’ve created, to simply adding your business onto directories for local SEO such as Google My Business. Nevertheless, it’s imperative that every link you obtain is relevant and valuable to your site. A link to a trustworthy industry magazine will prove more valuable to your website than one to a questionable site from a country on the other side of the globe.



Help Your Business Improve Its Funeral Home SEO

While implementing every funeral home SEO strategy mentioned above by yourself is definitely achievable, you’ll likely obtain better results by collaborating with a team of data-focused experts. With decades of combined experience creating successful SEO tactics and strategies, the Online Marketing Gurus are easily the best place to turn to when you need to see substantial long term success.

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