How eziFunerals Concierge can help members


eziFunerals is offered as a value-added benefit through a network of insurance companies Australia wide to free their customers from the stress and uncertainty of funeral planning.

Attract and retain customers by setting your products and services apart with eziFunerals Concierge Service. Our concierge service differentiates your products, helps you sell more policies and improves your products.

At eziFunerals, we understand the heavy burden following the loss of a loved one. That is why we have developed Australia’s first nationwide funeral planning service for valued clients. Our unique service offers a personal advocate to your customers to discuss funeral options, offer best practices, confirm pricing, and respond to consumer concerns.

The eziFunerals Concierge program is offered on a competitive per policy per month rate.

Contact us to discuss how our service can help you sell more policies, retain more customers, and add value to your company’s brand, your customers, and their beneficiaries.

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