Do You Need A Funeral Software Buddy?

Spirare is delighted to partner with eziFunerals and collaborate more closely with independent funeral directors transitioning to cloud technology to manage their operations.

Spirare is a proven cloud-based funeral management solution that enables funeral homes to manage their operations better, adapt to a changing market environment, and to build out their digital presence.

Spirare’s innovative Funeral Management Software was built by funeral directors for funeral directors. We give funeral homes peace of mind knowing that they can spend more time doing what they do best – helping families in their time of need.

At Spirare we provide the best online funeral software technology, exceptional customer service and value for eziFunerals member funeral directors. We help members to act faster than the bigger and more established competitors in the industry.

Our ‘Funeral Buddy’ features provide everything a funeral home needs to customise workflow and integrate with other systems, like Xero accounting software. Since launching Spirare, our sole focus has been on helping funeral homes of all sizes to increase efficiency and grow their business.

Our pricing plans are flexible and affordable which makes Spirare not only easy to use, but easy to own.

Give Spirare a try and sign up for your 30-day free trial. And, because we know you’ll fall in love with Spirare, once your free trial is up, all your work and data will seamlessly rollover to one of our paid subscription plans so you can just keep on working.


Funeral Buddy – what can I say? The dictionary should replace whatever definition they have for the word “Patience” with one name: “Jake”! This is our second attempt at implementing software that supports our operations, and we could not have wished for better. The guys at Funeral Buddy are LISTENERS – they change, update, and meet our requests literally as we go, update as we go, and presumably never sleep. Anyone looking for real people to support their implementation of software cannot go beyond these guys! And as for the software itself: we have a range of staff from dinosaurs to IT Nerds. All, without exception, have found Funeral Buddy easy to learn and great to use. Can’t tell you how happy we are with this purchase!

Eric Dekker, Hetherington Funerals WA