A New Partnership Launch

eziFunerals is a pleased to announce a new partnership with Funeral Fusion. The leaders in PPC funeral home marketing.

Here is a special feature of who they are, what they do, and why we’re so proud to partner with themFuneral Home Marketing

About Funeral Fusion

10 years ago, David Owen, Owner and Founder, Funeral Fusion launched his first Pay Per Click service called Manage My Click and over the years began specializing in the funeral industry. During this time more and more funeral businesses signed up leading the way to the next logical move.


Trusted By Google Trusted By Funeral Partners

Funeral Fusion was launched in 2017 and now accommodates funeral partners from around the world with a trusted service that delivers time tested results by a business that understands the funeral industry. Today Funeral Fusion has developed into one of the leaders in funeral home marketing

In the last 12 months Funeral Fusion became a trusted Google Partner, displaying their abilities to manage clients Google Ad accounts, budgets, also maintaining client retention.

funeral home PPC marketing

Solving a problem for funeral homes

David set out to solve a growing problem for traditional funeral homes by building and designing an all in one funeral home marketing solution that provides at-need calls from the first day of launch.

The team developed Google Ad campaigns that work alongside high conversion landing pages that send at-need phone calls directly to your funeral home. Google Ad Campaigns maximise ROI, minimize budget waste and provide the ability to advertise funeral services to a very targeted online audience. Funeral Fusion boasts they are able to save up to 60% in wasted campaign budget, meaning only keywords that matter trigger your ads. At-need prospects ready to purchase.

Their  funeral landing pages have also continued to develop over the years with 90% of the client base using them alongside Google ad management. Landing pages reduce the amount paid per click and increase conversions by up to 50%.

 This all-in-one at-need call service is unique to the funeral industry, and by far the most rewarding way to tap the online market instantly, effectively and economically.

Funeral Fusion provides services for  funeral home marketing services in any country as long as Google Ads is available and the campaigns are for English speaking prospects.


Contact Funeral Fusion

If you would like to learn more about Funeral Fusion and Google Ads campaigns specifically targeting your funeral home, contact Peter Erceg at eziFunerals on 0466890703.

Email: support@ezifunerals.com.au
Click Here For Official Website: www.funeralfusion.com