Funerals is a subject that most of us do NOT want to talk about and yet it is inevitable for all of us. We tend to avoid the topic as much as possible but talking about it with family and friends or taking the time to plan your funeral ahead could save us all from a lot of trouble .


Record your funeral wishes

By specifying your funeral wishes, you will get the the sort of funeral you would like to have and you are empowering your loved ones to make informed decisions about all your funeral-related issues and they will be able to to put your wishes to action. Your family can also use your funeral wishes to compare prices and obtain quotes from funeral companies before they even sign any contact. eziFunerals provides an online funeral planning form for you to plan and record your personalised funeral wishes anywhere, anytime.


Appoint a funeral guardian

Funeral Guardians are people you designate to be notified upon your death and execute your advance funeral planning wishes. Whereas a will sets out how you want your property and possessions to be divided after your death a funeral plan set how you want your funeral to be conducted. eziFunerals has developed an innovative funeral planning website that can link your personal funeral plan with your nominated Funeral Guardian.


Record your important information and contacts

As part of planning for your funeral wishes in advance, it’s important to make a list of your important contacts and information. These contacts and information will be of great help to your family when sorting and managing your affairs in an orderly manner. (A detailed list of information that you need to record is available in eziFunerals eBook “What Kind of Funeral: a simple step by step guide to planning a meaningful funeral”).


Prepay your funeral

You can pay for your funeral ahead of time and have peace of mind knowing that the money needed for your funeral has been set aside and that your family will not have to worry about how to pay the bill. Here are the number of options you can choose to prepay your funeral:


Record your life story

As you travel along the life course, you experience many different stages and events. Your life may be long and fulfilling or it may be tragically cut short – but you have lived a life that should be remembered and celebrated by your family and friends who are left behind. By recording details (important dates, relationships, homes), anecdotes, even pictures from your life story, you can ensure that your family and friends will have a deeper understanding of you and the life you lived and how you would like to be remembered.




About eziFunerals

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