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Top Funeral Services Provider in Perth.

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Hire top 10 Funeral Services in Perth.

1.Gift of Grace Funerals

Gift of Grace is a holistic funeral service provider. We are dedicated to assisting you make conscious choices and informed decisions. We offer a personalised and compassionate approach to dying, death and funeral care.Whether you opt for a service at a cemetery chapel, church, at home, a special venue, a memorial service or no service at all, we will help you plan and deliver a funeral that reflects the values, culture, beliefs and relationships of the person who is being farewelled.

We are actively committed to social and environmental sustainability and will gently and genuinely develop a relationship of trust, ease and respect with you and your bereaved family and friends.
Gift of Grace is proudly leading the way in natural death care, natural burial and supporting family led funerals.

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2.Hetherington Funerals

Hetherington Funerals is one of the most respected funeral homes in Perth that offers caring and affordable funerals to WA and Perth locals. Hetherington Funerals is a proud independent and family-owned funeral home offering a high standard of service to WA families in Perth. Our priority at all times is to provide a level of service to our clients that relieves the burden of anxiety and stress that often accompanies times of loss and grief. We are committed to providing services in a timely and efficient manner, and our staff are trained to be attentive to the emotional needs of each family.

Profile of Hetherington Funerals | Hetherington Funerals Website

3.Silkwood Funerals


We are a 100% locally owned Australian Funeral Home

Personalised, professional funeral service.

My name is Julie and I would like to welcome you to Silkwood Funerals, sharing my personal story with you. I cannot think of a more wonderful, fulfilling journey than the one that has led me here today, to you and other countless families and individuals that have experienced a great loss in their lives.

I accept that caring for others is my calling, that integrity is my greatest strength and honouring and empowering families is my reward. After 16 years of serving communities of all cultures and beliefs within the confines of prominent companies, I have been able to break free of the mundane, the average and the careless attitudes by stepping away and returning to what really matters and what drives me; which is you. I have created Silkwood Funerals for the betterment of those I serve, to give back to families and the communities the gentleness, Intimacy and respect we all deserve in this our greatest time of need and grief.

Profile of Silkwood Funerals | Silkwood Funerals Website

4.Greenfields Funerals

Greenfields Funerals is an independent, locally owned and operated funeral company, dedicated to excellence in funeral direction and a more affordable option for your funerals .

Greenfields Funerals offers a complete funeral service whether a cremation or burial is required and at your choice of location, be it at a crematorium, cemetery, at home, a park, function centre or country location. Greenfields Funerals will accommodate your wishes in the best possible manner.

A full range of coffins and caskets with environmental options are available. Greenfields Funerals can offer natural burials as per the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board’s requirements.

Greenfields Funerals also offer funeral planning advice; you may pre-arrange, pre-pay a funeral with a secure fixed price funeral plan or consider a funeral bond.

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5.McKee Family Funerals






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6.Perth Cremations






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7.Prosser Scott






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8.Prosser Scott & Coy






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