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Finding the right Funeral Director in Canberra can be emotionally and financially difficult so let us help. With such a competitive market, funeral costs in Canberra will vary greatly depending on the company you choose, where the funeral is held, and the type of funeral choices you make.

Depending on what you need, some will specialise in certain religious ceremonies while others offer many different types of service. Most funeral directors will generally offer a fixed package and have different pricing structures, so it is important that if you don't pay for things you don't want or need and stay on a budget. Use our online funeral service to request funeral quotes from a number of different funeral homes before you make a decision on which funeral director is best for you in Canberra.

By learning how to choose wisely, you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and improve your overall satisfaction with the services you receive.

When a loved one dies, grieving family members and friends often are confronted with dozens of decisions about the funeral — all of which must be made quickly and often under great emotional stress. What kind of funeral should it be? What funeral home should you use? Should you bury or cremate the body, or donate it to science? What are you legally required to buy? What about the availability of environmentally friendly or “green” burials? What other arrangements should you plan? And, practically, how much is it all going to cost?

Planning a funeral yourself in Canberra can save you time and money as well as reducing the stress your family and friends face at a time of intense grief. It will allow you to discuss and plan the funeral arrangements, in the privacy of your home, and avoid a sales focussed environment before selecting a funeral director.

Our website allows you to create a funeral plan online to enable you to plan and record your wishes regarding your or your loved one’s funeral. You will be able to record details you or your family will need for official records, identify how you would like you or your loved one to be put to rest, and clearly express which inclusions you would like in the funeral, the type of memorial service (if any) and the location of cremation or burial.

Once your funeral plan is complete, eziFunerals will help you get funeral directors to provide you with no obligation quotes so you compare prices before signing a contract with a funeral director that's right for you.

The funeral costs charged by funeral directors can vary significantly? Without comparing prices and services, you can’t tell whether their fees are reasonable. Most funeral homes don't provide itemised costs for a funeral and may try to “sell” you different funeral packages. This makes it hard for you to compare prices from different funeral homes and avoid being over-charged for things you never asked for, don't want or need.

Although, it may be emotionally difficult for you to ‘shop around’ for funeral services, it makes sense that you should use the same techniques you use with any other major purchase.

While we can provide you with an idea of prices to expect – the best way to find out how much a funeral in Canberra will cost is to plan your funeral and request quotes from local funeral directors through eziFunerals.

Search our website for funeral directors in Canberra if you are thinking of contacting local funeral directors to quote on your funeral plan. This way you can compare and select the right funeral director at the right price.

If you or a friend have used a funeral home in the past, don’t automatically assume it’s the best choice. Not all funeral directors are the same, so it pays to do your homework.

The INDEPENDENT FUNERAL DIRECTORS that are listed on our website are here to help you before, during and after your time of need. We work together to ensure that consumers receive the best possible standard of service at the most realistic cost.

INDEPENDENT FUNERAL DIRECTORS are small family owned businesses and provide real value for money when compared to the large corporate brands.

NON-INDEPENDENT funeral directors are mainly owned by one large corporate company, Invocare, and are not listed on our website. Invocare, a publicly listed company on the Australian stock exchange, is behind over 60 funeral brands which makes it hard for you to compare and avoid hidden fees and costs. So it pays to do your homework.

Make the right choice and get value for money by selecting an AUSTRALIAN, INDEPENDENT AND FAMILY OWNED FUNERAL HOME to conduct the funeral.


Our online funeral planner only takes a few minutes, and will provide you with everything you need to plan a meaningful funeral, compare prices and select the right funeral home at the right price.


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How to Save money on funerals in Canberra

The following tips are provided by eziFunerals to help you save money on costly funeral expenses and stay within your budget.

  1. Apply the same smart shopping techniques you would use for other major purchases
  2. Have the conversation with your family
  3. Plan your funeral with our online tools
  4. Shop around and request quotes
  5. Compare funeral costs and charges
  6. Ask for an itemised price list
  7. Don’t pay for things you don’t need
  8. Resist pressure “sales”
  9. Read our customer ratings and reviews
  10. Select the right funeral director at the right price

Not all funeral directors are the same. The cost of a funeral can vary significantly in Canberra depending on which funeral home consumers use and the type of services they choose. So it pays to get more than one quote and do your homework!. Most of all, SELECT AN INDEPENDENT AND FAMILY OWNED FUNERAL HOME from our website and get the right funeral at the right price.

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