Taking care of your ageing parents isn’t just about taking care of their daily needs. It’s also about making plans for the future, especially when it comes to things like funeral planning.

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By helping your ageing parents make arrangements ahead of time means they’ll get the chance to tell you their wishes – you won’t have to guess at what they want. And, you won’t have to make those major decisions during a time of grief.

Even if this is a conversation you’ve been avoiding or aren’t sure how to introduce, we strongly suggest you make it a priority.

To avoid the common pitfalls and challenges that come with last minute planning, use these 5 ways to make funeral planning easier.


1. Plan in advance

Funeral planning is one of those tasks that’s almost always better when it’s done in advance.

As difficult as it might be to think about a world without your older parent in it, it’s much more difficult to make funeral decisions and financial plans after death occurs.

No one can predict just how hard they’ll be hit emotionally by the death of a parent, or what kind of complications might arise because of the will, estate, or other family arrangements.

When possible, get any plans in writing and have them recorded. That helps prove that the documents are authentic in case issues come up in the future.




2. Set a budget

According to moneysmart.gov.au, funerals can cost anywhere from $4,000 – $15,000. It all depends on what kind of funeral you have in mind and how much money you have to spend.

Although it’s not always easy to discuss money with loved ones (especially in regard to something like this), you should have a good idea of what kind of budget you’ll have for the funeral so that no one goes into debt.

If money is an issue, you could consider a funeral pre-plan such as a funeral bond.

By knowing your expectations ahead of time (as well as funeral prices in your area), you can make these arrangements long before the funeral needs to be finalised.


3. Ask the important questions

It’s not always easy to have an open and honest discussion about death, but you should do this early on in the funeral planning process.

Are you going to opt for burial or cremation? Do you want a large, elaborate funeral at the cemetery or a private memorial service somewhere quiet?

Will it be open to the public or held among close friends? And where will the body be laid to rest after all the arrangements are taken care of?

Ideally, you should not only ask these questions ahead of time, but get the answers in writing. This way, you can avoid any disagreements between family members.

By knowing exactly what to expect at the funeral, everyone can focus on what really matters.




4. Consider cremation as a burial alternative

More and more families are stepping away from traditional burial and opting for a simpler, more intimate goodbye.

Not only does cremation cost less overall, but the simplicity and flexibility of the process means that you can handle the rest of the details – the funeral, the final interment, the timing – on your own terms.


5. Organise the information

You should have access to all the key documents and information necessary to handle your older parent’s affairs.

Things like bank account information, wills and estate information, deeds and titles, passwords for online accounts, and even personal and genealogical information are important for finalising affairs after death.

Keep this information in a safe and secure location that you can access when needed.

Above all else, remember that funeral planning is just another type of help you’re providing to your ageing parent – and to yourself.

By tackling the difficult questions now, you’ll be giving your future self the space and time you need to grieve.



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