Cremations are now more popular in Australia than the traditional burial. In Perth, 80% of funeral services are cremations.

This guide is designed to help you understand more about arranging a cremation service in Perth. It includes a comprehensive list of Perth crematoriums and their locations so you can decide which crematorium best suits your needs.

This article covers:

  • Perth Crematoriums
  • How to Arrange a Perth Cremation Service
  • Cremation Services in Perth, Western Australia – Regulations


Perth Crematoriums

In Perth, all cremations are performed by the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board. Cremations take place at the following Perth crematoriums:

Suburb Perth Crematorium Operator
Karrakatta Karrakatta Cemetery Metropolitan Cemeteries Board (State Govt)
Padbury Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park Metropolitan Cemeteries Board (State Govt)
Palmyra Fremantle Cemetery Metropolitan Cemeteries Board (State Govt)

In contrast to Sydney crematoriums and Brisbane crematoriums, where a number of crematoriums are privately operated, all Perth crematoriums are operated by the state government.

Karrakatta Cemetery

How to Arrange a Perth Cremation Service

We’ve previously written about the various considerations that arise when arranging a cremation. Funerals – whether burials or cremations – require families to make a number of arrangements with which they are frequently unfamiliar. These arrangements are made more difficult by the fact that important decisions often need to be made within a short timeframe.

Getting in touch with a funeral director can help take much of the stress out of the planning process as it allows you to rely on their experience and expertise. eziFunerals makes it easy to find the best funeral director to assist you.

Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park

 Cremation Services in Perth, Western Australia – Regulations

Regardless of where in Australia a cremation takes place, the cremation process will involve a number of fairly routine steps. However, there are additional rules for cremations that vary from state to state.

In Western Australia, cremations are governed by the Cemeteries Act 1986, the Cremation Act 1929 and the Cremation Regulations 1954.

In addition to the standard and more expected requirements of a cremation, under this legislation, the following rules apply to Perth cremations:

  • a cremation is not permitted if it is objected to by the deceased’s spouse, de facto or next of kin, unless the cremation is directed by written instructions from the deceased;
  • an application may be made, and approval may be given, for the cremation of a deceased person of Asiatic race who belonged to a religious denomination which required the burning of the body in a place other than a crematorium, to be cremated at an alternative location.



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