Funeral stationery, such as a program or memorial booklet, is an important part of the funeral service. The stationery not only serves as a keepsake for those who attend the service, it also allows the family to honour, celebrate, remember, and tell the life story of their loved one.

The following information by Matt Sanford, Owner Farewell Services, provides some helpful tips and advice on creating a funeral order of service.


Creating a funeral order of service booklet

Once a friend or loved one passes on, there are a number of things that need to be taken care of before the funeral day. At this time, you will probably be speaking to a funeral home or a crematorium for a casket or cremation urns. However, you’ll also need to plan the memorial or funeral service which can include finding a musician or florist for the service.

Among the tasks you are required to do is creating a funeral program. This funeral program or funeral pamphlet is an obituary program that has the funeral order of service. Guests attending the service receive this printed card or booklet once they arrive. However, you should know the following before creating a funeral program template for your loved one.


Creating a funeral program is easy

You might already have concluded that this process would be tedious and time-consuming but that is not the case. You can easily create 100% custom funeral programs using the modern template software that allows you to complete this task in minutes.


Items traditionally featured on a funeral order of service

People are used to seeing particular items on a funeral program. They include:

Full name of the deceased
• Their date of birth
• Date of death
• Details on the funeral such as date, place, time
• Title of songs played or sung at the service
• Location of internment if they are to be buried

Creating the program being your duty, you may choose to add or leave off any information you like. The information you think your loved one would have liked to see include family photos together and bibliography depicting a brief history of their life.


The process of choosing the cover is important

The funeral program template’s cover is the first thing anyone sees. You may want to add a favourite photo or image of your loved one to make it a bit relevant to the occasion.

Consider the favourite colour of your loved one

If your loved one had a favourite colour, it is convenient to use that colour. Likewise, you can choose a colour that depicts their personality. For instance, if they had a colourful personality, you can choose orange, red or purple. Otherwise, choose a subtle shade of softer colours such as pink if your loved one was a conservative person.

Consider religious artwork

If church or religion was important to your loved one, you shouldn’t ignore that. Choose a program cover that has religious artworks that may have Bibles, angels or any artwork relating to that religion.


Final words in the template

You should be careful when drafting these words. Final words should flow with encouragement and emotions.

Creating an outstanding funeral program template or funeral card creates a sense of respect for the loved one and will always be preferred by your guests.

At Farewell Services, we can print and also help you with songs, hymns and quotes to add to your funeral program.  


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