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Hiring a funeral director in Australia isn’t an automatic decision. We generally only think about contacting a funeral director in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide or Hobart until a death has occurred (or is expected soon).

If you or a friend have used a local funeral director in the past, don’t automatically assume it’s the best choice.

Furthermore, don’t be deceived by family brand names advertised on a billboard, in the newspaper, on radio or in the media.


Not all Funeral Directors in your suburb are the same. So it pays to do your homework!


eziFunerals recommend that you ask yourself the following key questions before hiring a funeral director:

  • If local ownership and community involvement are important to you, you should ask who owns and operates the funeral home you are considering.
  • Are they family owned and independent OR are they owned by the big funeral chains?
  • Does the funeral director work for you and your family or shareholders of publicly listed companies?
  • Have you met or heard about the funeral director in your community?
  • Do you know their personal and professional reputation?
  • How long have they been serving their community?
  • What has been the experience of relatives, friends and neighbours?
  • Does the funeral director provide a full service facility and are they able to handle all of your needs (chapel, viewing room, reception and catering facilities, parking, etc.)?
  • Is the funeral home a trusted and approved member of eziFunerals?

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At eziFunerals we only supports Independent Funeral Directors and not funeral brands owned by public listed companies. With eziFunerals, you are connecting with independent and family owned funeral directors  – who can help you anywhere, anytime.

They are not distracted or bound by corporate rules handed down from head office and shareholders from the big funeral chains. They are generally more flexible and responsive to individual needs, providing a highly personal and compassionate service.

Our members operate Australia wide including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin and Canberra.

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