Funerals are one of the most expensive purchases consumers ever make and can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000.

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Although the actual cost of a funeral will depend on factors such as whether you are being cremated or buried, the biggest factor could be the funeral company you choose.


Why are funerals so expensive?

In a recent report of the funeral industry in Australia, Professor Sandra van der Laan, lead author of the report, says some funeral homes inflate the pricing of individual services by offering them only as part of a bundled package.

InvoCare is the largest funeral operator in Australia and New Zealand and currently operate over 270 locations and 16 cemeteries and crematoria. InvoCare has 3 national funeral brands in Australia (White Lady Funerals; Simplicity Funerals; and Value Funerals) and over 30 regional funeral home brands in different states across Australia.

“Our research shows if you buy a funeral from InvoCare companies, you will pay more,” Professor van der Laan confirms. Funeral services could be arranged from $4250, but the report found a funeral hosted by one of InvoCare’s subsidiary brands would start at $6250. “People think they’re shopping around when they’re one company. You could ring Simplicity Funerals, Guardian Funerals and White Lady Funerals without realising you’re dealing with InvoCare.”

Another newcomer to the ASX, is publicly listed company Propel Funeral Partners, which is seeking to emulate InvoCare. Propel currently operate in 103 locations, including 23 crematoria and 7 cemeteries. It’s most recent acquisitions include Seasons Funeral Homes in Western Australia and Norwood Park in New South Wales.


Select an independent and family owned funeral home

So you could be paying significantly more for the same funeral by choosing an InvoCare or Propel Funeral Partner brand as opposed to an independent and family owned funeral home. So it pays to do your homework and know which company you are dealing with!

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So make the right choice and get value for money by selecting an Australian, independent and family owned funeral director to conduct the funeral. Visit and plan your funeral today.