Greg Nicholls, Founder & CEO of Daisybox®️ said “We are excited to be part of eziFunerals preferred partners program.”

Daisybox®️ is the most affordable and earth-friendly cardboard casket available exclusively through funeral arrangers.

When choosing a Daisybox casket for burial or cremation, you’ll be celebrating the life of a departed loved one in the most personalised way. Family and friends can DIY-decorate or have favourite images printed all over a Daisybox profiling their loved one, as a last visual for all to appreciate a life well-lived. The final creative outcome is totally up to you.

Funeral arrangers offering Daisybox®️ also work with local artists, photographers and wide-format printers to help decorate caskets to tell the story of a departed loved one. This can’t be done with a traditional coffin.

If a personalized service is not what you're looking for, then an unattended, low-cost direct-cremation, followed by a memorial service or gathering is also commonly practiced. The fact there is now an alternative to an expensive wood or metal coffin or casket, is often a much-requested reality. This is where Daisybox®️ is a suitable option.

Daisybox®️ caskets are produced through local license agreements with corrugated box manufacturers around the world, to shorten delivery times and both financial and CO2 emission costs.

Our team is building an international network of funeral home stockists who're delighted to offer a low-cost Daisybox as part of a funeral service. There is no time like the present to ensure that consumers have a wide option of choices than the traditional means. Funeral directors who are offering Daisybox®️ are both innovative and observant to the changing nature of the industry.

We just believe there's a better "way to go”, with a Daisybox®️ casket.

A new corporate video to support the Daisybox™ launch is now live on www.daisybox.io.