THE DEATH OF A LOVED ONE is a difficult time for everyone. For most of us, coping with death and planning a funeral is one of the most difficult things we will ever be asked to do. It can be a very emotional and difficult time.

What makes it even harder is that we are generally unaware of our funeral rights; that is, we don’t know how we can have genuine and meaningful involvement; we are often unprepared and don’t know what to do when someone close to us dies.

Following a death, people are in a vulnerable state and find it difficult to make decisions when planning a funeral. That’s where eziFunerals can help.


Funeral planning options for consumers in Perth

There are now a number of different options available to you when planning and arranging a funeral. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages and you should choose carefully the best option that meets your individual needs and circumstances. These checklists summarise the advantages and disadvantages of different approaches.

Option 1 – eziFunerals planning service

  • Free service
  • Plan the funeral yourself (without Funeral Director involvement)
  • Experienced staff
  • You’re in total control
  • More transparent pricing
  • No pressure sales
  • No obligation to choose a funeral home
  • No hidden fees or commissions
  • Save time and money
  • Dealing with independent and family owned funeral directors.
  • Do not conduct funerals

Option 2 – Deal directly with funeral businesses

  • Experienced staff
  • Save time
  • Less stress
  • Low risk
  • Less control
  • Possible hidden fees and costs
  • Pressure sales environment
  • May pay for things you don’t need
  • Possibly dealing with businesses from the same company
  • Funeral homes owned by InvoCare and Propel Funeral Partners work for shareholders, not consumers.

Option 3 – Do it yourself funerals

  • More control
  • No hidden fees and costs
  • Save money
  • More transparent
  • Dealing with a complex industry
  • High risk if things go wrong


What Kind of Funeral is right for you?

Download a FREE copy of our eBook – What Kind Of Funeral?: A self help guide to planning a meaningful funeral.

Create an account with eziFunerals today and receive your FREE copy. This book, informs and empowers you so that you understand your funeral rights and can have meaningful involvement in the whole experience. It provides independent and practical advice on how people can make informed decisions about all funeral-related matters. Checklists and questions are included to prompt reflection and discussion at each stage of the process. In this book, you’ll discover:

  • How to plan a personal and meaningful funeral.
  • How to deal with death, bereavement and the funeral process.
  • How to create a unique commemoration of the deceased.
  • How to make informed funeral choices.
  • How to conduct a funeral without using a funeral director.
  • How to administer the deceased’s affairs when the funeral is over.
  • How to manage a digital life after death.
  • How to cope with the loss of a pet.
  • How baby boomers are changing trends in the funeral industry.


Find a Funeral Director you can trust in Perth

Finding a funeral director you can trust in Perth can be emotionally and financially difficult, so let us help. With such a competitive market, costs in Perth will vary greatly depending on the company you choose, where the service is held, and the type of choices you make.

Depending on what you need, some will specialise in certain religious ceremonies while others offer many different types of service. Most funeral directors will generally offer a fixed package and have different pricing structures, so it is important that if you don’t pay for things you don’t want or need and stay on a budget. Use our online planning and bidding service to request quotes from a number of different companies before you make a decision on which company is best for you in Perth.

  • We’ll guide you through the funeral planning process, allowing you and your family to focus on what’s important rather than making arrangements in a sales focused environment.
  • We’ll provide you with independent and transparent information to help you understand your funeral rights so you can have meaningful involvement in the whole funeral experience.
  • We’ll provide you with practical advice on how you can make informed decisions with your family and guide you through the funeral process every step of the way.

By learning how to choose wisely, you could save hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and improve your overall satisfaction with the services you receive.

At the time of publication, the premium funeral directors in Perth with eziFunerals are:

If you need a Quick Quote, you can connect with Perth Funeral Directors by filling in a simple and easy quote request form.


Place a Funeral Notice by Newspaper in Perth

eziFunerals provide easy ways for consumers to link with newspapers in Perth  to place a funeral notice, express condolences, share direct support for families, and celebrate the people who have touched their lives.

Quickly place a funeral, death or obituary notice by clicking a newspaper in Perth.

Perth Newspapers

Need help writing a funeral notice?

When you’ve just lost a loved one, it can be very hard to find the courage to write an announcement of their death for the newspapers. But announce it you must, so friends, colleagues, associates and more distant family will know of your loss and what the funeral arrangements are, so they can come and pay their respects. It is particularly effective for those friends that you may not have been in touch with for some time.

Click here and let us help you write a funeral notice and announce a death.  

Ask for the ‘true’ advertising cost of Funeral notices placed by Funeral Directors in Perth

The cost of a funeral notice in most major newspapers is not cheap. What you don’t know, is that most of the larger corporate brands will charge you for the cost of including their business logo. That’s right! You are paying for their advertising on your funeral notice. So next time you ask the funeral director to place a notice for you, ask them to charge you only for your notice and not their business logo: otherwise you will be paying for their advertising.


Planning the funeral yourself can save you time and money as well as reducing the stress your family and friends face at a time of intense grief. It will allow you to discuss and plan the funeral arrangements with your family, in the privacy of your home, and avoid a sales focused environment before signing a contract with a funeral director.

The best way to plan a funeral in Perth and let your loved ones know about your funeral wishes is to create your funeral plan with eziFunerals.

IT’S FREE! You’re in total control. You’ll be guided step-by-step through the process of how to plan your funeral. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have created a personalised funeral plan that records all your funeral wishes for your family.


Planning a funeral in Perth is easy

Each section has help text to guide you through the funeral planning process. To show the hidden help text, click the (?) buttons at each question. We’ll generate an online preview of your funeral plan for you to check. The convenience of online technology means you can prepare your funeral plan anywhere any time you want. You’re able to stop and resume the funeral planning form at your leisure.

How it works:

  1. Go to
  2. Register as a new Funeral Consumer, or simply login to your account.
  3. Select the Plan A Funeral menu option and follow the steps provided in each section.

What information is recorded in your funeral plan:

  • “Details of Person Making Arrangements” allows you to record details you or your family will need for official records.
  • “Details of Deceased” allows you to record details of the person who has passed away or a death is impending.
  • “Details of Committal” allows you to record how you would like you or your loved one to be put to rest.
  • “Details of the Funeral” allows you to record your wishes regarding your or your loved one’s funeral.

What happens after you create your funeral plan:

Once your funeral plan is created, you can store it online, share it with your family, download it, and use it to compare funeral prices from multiple funeral homes in your area before selecting a funeral director in Perth that’s right for you and your family. Alternatively, if you need a Quick Quote, you can connect with Perth funeral Directors by filling in a simple and easy quote request form.


At-Need v Pre-Need Funeral Plans

There are two types of funeral plans when planning a funeral with eziFunerals – ‘At-Need’ and ‘Pre-Need’.

At-Need funeral plans

‘At-Need’ funeral plans is where everything is planned, after your death, by your immediate family and friends.

Organising a funeral for a loved one is one of the most difficult things we will ever be asked to do. When there is a death, reason and logic are hard to come by due to grief. Decisions need to be made quickly and under stress about what type of funeral you want AND how to handle your money and estate.

If your wishes are unknown when you die, your family will be faced with making difficult decisions at a trying time. Will they know if you wish to be buried or cremated? Will they agree on an open or closed coffin? Will they agree on how much to spend? Confusion and disagreements are common occurrences when there is no plan to follow.

eziFunerals can help you plan an ‘At-Need funeral at short notice, without a funeral director, and get quotes before selecting a funeral director.

However, you can avoid this stress by planning your funeral in advance. Taking a few minutes to pre-plan your funeral with eziFunerals can save your family time, money and unnecessary grief.

Pre-Need funeral plans

‘Pre-Need’ is when you pre-plan your own funeral in advance.

By specifying your funeral wishes in advance, you will get the the sort of funeral you would like to have and you are empowering your loved ones to make informed decisions about all your funeral-related issues and they will be able to to put your wishes to action. Your family can also use your funeral wishes to compare prices and obtain quotes from funeral companies before they even sign any contact. eziFunerals provides an online funeral planning form for you to plan and record your personalised funeral wishes anywhere, anytime.

eziFunerals can help you plan an ‘Pre-Need funeral, without a funeral director and appoint a funeral guardian to carry out your wishes, just as you requested.

Taking care of your funeral arrangements is a thoughtful and caring thing to do for your family. It is comforting to know that you have done all you can do to ease their burden. And you can be assured that they will appreciate that your caring for them continued after you are gone.



Appoint a Funeral Guardian to implement your plan

Funeral Guardians play an important role in ensuring your wishes are carried out. Funeral Guardians are people you designate to be notified upon your death and execute your advance funeral planning wishes. Whereas a will sets out how you want your property and possessions to be divided after your death, eziFunerals innovative funeral planning platform links your personal funeral plan with your nominated Funeral Guardian.

Appointing a funeral guardian is easy:

  1. Go to
  2. Register as a new Funeral Consumer, or simply login to your account.
  3. Select the My Funeral Guardian menu option and follow the steps provided in each section.

You may choose one or more Funeral Guardians to administer your Funeral Planning wishes.

You’re Funeral Guardians, will be sent an email where they can accept or decline your request. If they accept, they are sent an email and are asked to store this in a safe place. Upon your death, they will be required to produce a Medical Certificate of Death. Once your death has been confirmed, your account will be unlocked to access your funeral plan.

NOTE: Choose your Funeral Guardians wisely. They should be people you can trust with personal information. If a relationship changes with one of your Funeral Guardians in a negative way, you should remove them from your account.


Ten most common funeral planning misconceptions in Perth

Here we address some common funeral misconceptions about funeral planning a funeral in Perth.

1. I Don’t Care What Happens To Me When I Die

While that may be true, it’s not fair to leave your family with all of the decisions during a time of grief. Taking a few minutes to get things in writing can save your family time, money and unnecessary grief. When there is a death, reason and logic are hard to come by due to grief. Decisions need to be made about what type of funeral you want AND how to handle your money and estate.

  • Do you want to be buried or cremated?
  • How much money should be spent on your funeral?
  • How would you like to say your final goodbye?
  • How do you want to be remembered?

2. I Don’t Want To Think About My Death

Who does? Much like making a will, pre-planning is another great way to safeguard those you love and provide security for your family. You make all the decisions in advance so in the event you pass, thing’s run smoothly and your loved ones can focus on celebrating your life and grieving as they should.

3. My Family Will Handle It. They Know My Wishes

Maybe you have mentioned in passing that you’d like to be cremated or where you want your funeral, but most families when they come to us without a plan feel overwhelmed and confused, trying to remember their loved one’s wishes among the surge of grief. Sometimes this even causes turmoil and family disagreements during this painful time. It’s much more considerate and economical to make plan your own arrangements in advance.

4. I’m Too Busy to Plan My Funeral

We all are and no one wants to take their spare time to plan a funeral that they don’t foresee anytime soon, but no family has ever regretted that their loved one made pre-arrangements. In fact, it’s a gift you give your family in their time of need.

5. I Don’t Have the Money Right Now To Pay For My Funeral

Unlike a funeral purchased at the time of death, pre-arrangement allows you to choose from a variety of payment options as well as lock in today’s prices, safeguarding your family from inflation. It removes the financial burden from your loved ones. We can help you make a payment plan that is right for you.

6. My Insurance Will Take Care Of My Funeral

No insurance policy dictates where to have a funeral or how much to spend on it. It simply provides the finances. Without a plan, money intended for a child’s education or a widow’s income could be spent on funeral services. Simply having your wishes on file with us can prevent emotional turmoil for you family.

7. I’m Going to Be Cremated Anyway

You may have stated your desire to be cremated in your will. The problem is, many times, your will isn’t read until long after the funeral takes place. Then, it’s too late for your wishes to be carried out. And, your will probably doesn’t state whether you’d like a service or where you want your ashes to be scattered.

8. I Don’t Know Where to Have My Funeral Since This Is Not My Hometown

Perhaps you grew up in another town and still consider that “home” or you are thinking of moving there in the future and are uncertain where you will have your funeral. You can make all the decisions about the details of your funeral arrangements on our site and that plan can be accessed online, anywhere, anytime.

9. The Government Will Take Care Of Me

The death of a close family member can have a big impact upon your income. To help you adjust and depending on your individual financial circumstances, you may qualify for a Bereavement Payment if you were receiving an eligible social security payment at the time of your loved one’s death. However, claim processing takes time and important details and decisions will still need to be made.

10. I Don’t Know Who to Trust, Where To Start or What to Do

That’s easy! If you want to plan your funeral in advance, are uncomfortable with searching for a funeral director, don’t know who to trust, want to save money or simply wish to avoid a sales focused environment, then eziFunerals would be suitable for you.


Consumers don’t shop around when planning a funeral – they pick the funeral director closest to them, or the one their family has always used. Neither of these criteria tells you whether you’re getting good value.

Don’t feel pressured to go with the first funeral director in Perth you see or the one everyone you know used. Although, it may be emotionally difficult for you to ‘shop around’ for funeral services, it makes sense that you should use the same techniques you use with any other major purchase.


Perth Funeral Prices

The cheapest funerals in Perth can start around $1,995 for a no service, no attendance cremation.

We looked at the average cost of funeral in Perth and found that the average funeral costing $7,584. When you then add on the average additional costs (such as a coffin, transfer fee, celebrant, funeral flowers, newspaper notices, headstone and cemetery fees) then you’re easily in excess of $20,000 for a burial.

Although many funeral directors offer various “packages” of commonly selected goods and services that make up a funeral, you do not have to accept a package offered by funeral directors. Our experience is that funeral homes that provide prices online tend to be cheaper than those that don’t. Itemised pricing allows consumers to pick the specific goods and services they want and compare costs. That’s important given the wide disparity in funeral-home prices, even in the same area.

To provide some guidance, we’ve set out an estimate of prices for the four main service types offered by funeral directors in Perth:

Service Type Average Min Max
No Service, No Attendance Cremation (all-inclusive price) $3,501 $1,995 $5,862
Single Service Professional Service Fee $3,727 $2,000 $5,522
Dual Service Professional Service Fee $4,228 $2,950 $6,147
Graveside Service Professional Service Fee $3,786 $2,950 $6,200

(Note: With the exception of the all-inclusive no service no attendance cremation option, prices only include the Professional Services Fee and not any additional items such as coffin, flowers and cremation or cemetery fees, etc.)

For more information on funeral costs you can see our articles on Understanding Funeral Costs.



Cheap Funerals, Perth

A so called ‘cheap funeral’ will depend many variables, including personal choices, financial budget and the type of funeral options you select and the funeral director you choose.

Contact one of our Perth funeral directors who are more than happy to discuss your options and make sure you get a fair and affordable funeral so you stay within your budget. Here are some ways to get a cheap funeral!

1. Don’t have a funeral service at all?

If you don’t want a fuss you don’t need to have a funeral service. A ‘no fuss’ or what is commonly referred to as ‘direct cremation’ is the cheapest and simplest type of funeral. It involves collection of the body, and carrying out the cremation, (usually with no one present), and return the ashes afterwards.

2. DIY the funeral yourself

It is possible to organise a DIY cremation or burial yourself without using a funeral director providing you obtain a Single Funeral Permit and comply with the relevant State requirements. By obtaining a Single Funeral Permit you become the ‘Funeral Director’ and it is your responsibility to arrange all permits and applications as well as all other matters associated with the funeral.

3. Purchase Your Own Coffin or ‘Rent It’

Purchasing a coffin is one of the most expensive items for any funeral, and many people either don’t have the means to pay for a coffin or would prefer not to spend such a large sum of money.

Did you know you can purchase your own coffin. There is no regulation for a Funeral Director to deny you your right to source a coffin that is not of their own. Alternatively, a rental coffin is a good cost-saving option if you want to have a traditional coffin at a viewing or funeral, but don’t want to purchase an expensive coffin. If you need a Quick Quote, you can connect with Perth funeral Directors by filling in a simple and easy quote request form.



Comparing Perth Funeral Director Prices

Quotations from funeral directors are often presented in three parts.

1. Funeral Director (Professional) Fees

These fees are usually not itemised in the quote from the funeral director. These fees cover the services funeral directors provide using their own resources. Generally these tasks include collecting, transporting, and preparing the body, and providing chapel or viewing facilities as well as staff, a hearse and mourners’ cars. The fees will vary according to which funeral director you use and the level of service you choose.

2. Coffins and Caskets 

Coffins and caskets are usually the most expensive item in a funeral, with the average cost of a coffin or casket being between $1,000 and $4,000 however some coffins or caskets may be more than $15,000.

The good news: Discount suppliers in Perth are growing in number, from independent online sellers like Scientia supplying the Chinese and Italian-made coffins and caskets to Costco, at a much cheaper price.

The bad news: Funeral homes don’t make it easy for you to purchase your coffin from elsewhere. In some cases, funeral directors may refuse to accept outside merchandise or charge a handling fee. Some funeral suppliers have anonymously shared other tactics to prevent customers from buying coffins elsewhere. For example:

  • Raising the professional services fee to offset lower merchandise
  • Disparaging the quality of outside vendors by saying, “Go ahead. But we are offering Australian-made products and not Chinese-made.”
  • Buying caskets from firms that create private labels: “It will have a different model number, and the family won’t know it’s the exact same option available at another firm.”
  • Encouraging consumers to purchase a coffin outright for the cremation, even though a cardboard box is sufficient.

3. Disbursements or ‘Third Party’ Costs

These fees are charged by a third parties which the funeral director pays on your behalf. Necessary disbursements include the fees charged by a doctor for medical certificates and permits or fees charged by a cemetery or crematorium. Other disbursements may include newspaper notices, flowers or refreshments you have requested. The funeral director should only pass the actual cost on to you.

eziFunerals has prepared a checklist to help you compare prices from the different funeral directors in Perth. If you need a Quick Quote, you can connect with Perth funeral Directors by filling in a simple and easy quote request form.


Ten reasons why people spend too much money for funerals

Paying for a funeral is one of the biggest purchases we will ever make, yet most of us end up paying way too much for funerals on things we don’t need or want. Why is that?  

We wouldn’t consider buying a car or paying for a wedding without learning everything we can about the product or service. But when it comes to funerals, important decisions are often made, at a time when rational thinking is clouded. The result… We spend way too much… Here’s why:

1. Fulfilling the role of grieving “helplessness.”

Many people feel so devastated and overwhelmed at a time of death that they assume they should leave all the funeral planning to the funeral director. We believe – ‘that’s like giving the funeral director a blank cheque.’ eziFunerals online funeral planning tools allow you to plan the funeral from the comfort of home – without a funeral director present. Being actively involved in funeral planning can be very therapeutic, and you won’t be grieving over the bill later. See our blog What should I do if someone dies?

2. Guilt or proof of love.

People often think that how much they spend is a demonstration of how much they love someone. And spending is often used as a way to make up for perceived omissions – “I should have visited the nursing home more often.” Don’t worry. You are amongst friends and you won’t be judged by the amount spent on the funeral. See our blog Avoid a funeral R.I.P Off.

3. Poor family planning.

When one parent dies, it may be altogether too easy to say, “I want one just like the other parents funeral, without looking at the actual cost to see if that would make a difference.

If your mother had always said she wanted something “simple” and you aren’t sure what she meant, you may end up purchasing a great deal more than something truly “simple.” Or perhaps your mother told everyone what kind of funeral she wanted, but she had no idea that it would cost far more than anyone could afford. Otherwise you could be still paying for the funeral many years later after they died. We recommend you start the conversation with your parents while they are alive and pre-plan their funeral using eziFunerals online planning tools. See our blog Plan your own funeral today.

4. “What will other people think?” Fear of being “different” or “cheap.” 

Funeral marketing and advertising today commonly refers to a “traditional” funeral package (meaning elaborate and a good profit margin for the funeral company), with one funeral often looking just like the next. Families can enjoy making their own traditions. A unique and personalised funeral service is what others will remember, irrespective of the cost. Plan a unique and personalised funeral with eziFunerals planning service. Remember: You are among friends.

5. Status in the community. 

You may feel obligated to put on a big “show” when the deceased has been prominent during his or her lifetime. Both David Bowie and the novelist Anita Brookner, went for “direct cremation”, where the body is sent straight to the cremator from hospital or home, with no attendance or ceremony. Ashes are returned to the family allowing family and friends to celebrate their life and relationships several months later, in a place special to them. See our blog No fuss funerals.

6. Didn’t shop around for a funeral home with ethical prices.

Many assume a funeral will cost just about the same anywhere. Or perhaps there’s only one funeral home nearby, so why bother. Surprisingly, you can save thousands of dollars-if you take the time to plan your funeral and get quotes through eziFunerals, before the moment of need. See our blog The high cost of funerals: Shop around.

7. Failure to get itemised prices.

This is related to the previous item but is especially important if you choose a funeral home without shopping around. eziFunerals protects a consumer’s right to choose only those funeral goods and services you want. Although some funeral homes are reluctant to disclose itemised prices, our members are only too happy to provide this information to you based on your personalised funeral plan created through eziFunerals. See our blog How to avoid expensive funeral packages.

8. Ill-informed about the true cost of coffins and other funeral products. “You get what you pay for.

Most people know what’s involved in buying general goods and services and if they thought they were an outrageous price; they probably would stop buying them. Yet few consumers realise that coffins may be marked up 300-500% or more. The coffin is usually the most expensive item in a funeral, with the average cost of a coffin or casket being between $1,000 and $4,000 however some coffins or caskets may be more than $15,000. See our blogs Save money on coffins and Are you confused by funeral costs?

9. Not asking enough questions.

If a funeral home price list includes a statement regarding cash advance items that reads: “We charge you for our services in obtaining these items,” did you realise that the funeral director will be making a profit on placing the funeral notice, for example— something you could have done yourself? You’ve been warned in writing, but how much extra will that cost? See our blog How to announce a death.

10. Skilled (or manipulative) sales tactics of the funeral director.

The funeral industry knows that most people pick the price in the middle. Therefore, few coffin displays will have the low-cost ones included, assuring that the “middle” coffin yields a good profit for the funeral company. If you have chosen cremation, you may be told you must purchase an urn or temporary container. Not true. Or maybe it’s a little more subtle-“Now it’s time to pick out the urn.”

Remember: Funeral directors are business people who deserve to be paid for what they do. However, it is your job, as a funeral consumer, to be well educated about your funeral choices, to determine the kind of funeral or memorial service that meets the needs of your family, and to locate an ethically-priced facility that will honour your choices with caring and dignity. See our blogs


Finding a funeral director you can trust in Perth can be emotionally and financially difficult, so let us help. With such a competitive market, costs in Perth will vary greatly depending on the company you choose, where the service is held, and the type of choices you make.

Depending on what you need, some will specialise in certain religious ceremonies while others offer many different types of service. Most funeral directors will generally offer a fixed package and have different pricing structures, so it is important that if you don’t pay for things you don’t want or need and stay on a budget.


How to Find Funeral Directors in Perth

Finding funeral directors in Perth is easy:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Find Funeral Directors.
  3. Enter your State/Suburb and click “Search”

If you need a Quick Quote, you can connect with Perth Funeral Directors by filling in a simple and easy quote request form.


What do Perth Funeral Directors Do?

Before selecting a funeral director, you should try to understand exactly what it is they do. Here are the main services offered by funeral directors:

  • Registering the death after the issue of the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (including a Cremation Certificate if required).
  • Transferring the body from the place of death to the funeral director’s premises in accordance with strict health rules concerning handling, transport and storage.
  • Meeting you at your home or in their office to discuss your preferences and options. Depending on what you decide, a meeting like this may be less than 30 minutes or up to two or three hours.
  • Coordinating between your clergy (or a funeral celebrant if you wish) and the cemetery or crematorium to decide when, where, and what type of service will be needed. In most cases cemeteries and crematoriums will not deal directly with anyone other than a funeral director.
  • Preparing and placing death, funeral and obituary notices in newspapers of your choice and organising flowers.
  • Preparing the body for burial or cremation.
  • Supplying a coffin or a casket.
  • Providing a place for a viewing of the body by friends and relatives if desired.
  • Transporting the body by hearse to the ceremony and then to the cemetery or crematorium.
  • Providing special cars for mourners.
  • Paying fees for such things as the cemetery, crematorium and flowers on your behalf.
  • Advising and helping you with paperwork involved in accessing any financial reimbursement associated with the funeral (such as a funeral fund).



Choosing the Right Funeral Director in Perth

Price and customer reviews are helpful, but before you make a final decision and meet with your chosen funeral home there are a few more important points to consider.

We recommend that you ask yourself the following key questions before making your choice:

  • Who owns the funeral home you are considering?
  • Are they family owned and independent OR are they owned by a publicly listed company?
  • Does the funeral director work for you and your family or shareholders of publicly listed companies?
  • Have you met or heard about the funeral director in your community?
  • Do you know their personal and professional reputation?
  • How long have they been serving their community?
  • What has been the experience of relatives, friends and neighbours?
  • Does the funeral director provide a full service facility and are they able to handle all of your needs (chapel, viewing room, reception and catering facilities, parking, etc.)?
  • Is the funeral home a trusted and approved member of eziFunerals?

If you need a Quick Quote, you can connect with Perth Funeral Directors by filling in a simple and easy quote request form.



Top tips before choosing a Funeral Director

In summary, the top tips for choosing a funeral director are:

  • Apply the smart shopping techniques you would use for other major purchases.
  • Plan ahead using eziFunerals online planning tools.
  • Shop around and compare prices in advance.
  • Ask for an itemised price list.
  • Resist pressure sales.
  • Understand funeral costs and charges.
  • Try to avoid emotional overspending.
  • Recognise and understand your funeral rights.
  • Read customer ratings and reviews @
  • Get an itemised quotes from multiple funeral directors.



Corporate or Independent and Family-Owned

You might not know it, but a multinational corporation called InvoCare owns 45% of the funeral homes in Perth. This means that there’s a good chance that most of the funeral brands you’ve heard of are owned by this corporation.

InvoCare owns the following funeral director brands in Perth:

There are a number of other companies that own multiple funeral homes in Perth including Bowra and O’Dea and Seasons Funerals but none on the same scale as InvoCare.

Choosing between a corporate or family-owned funeral home is a personal question. Corporate funeral homes are often able to charge a premium due to brand recognition and the belief that their services will be of a higher professional quality. On the other hand, independent funeral homes in Perth work for consumers and not shareholders of publicly listed companies, InvoCare and Propel Funeral Partners. They are often more connected with the communities they serve and have more freedom to tailor funerals to reflect the wishes of the family (rather than being bound by strict package options).

So make the right choice and get value for money by selecting an Australian, family owned and independent funeral home to conduct the funeral.



Premium Funeral Directors, Perth

At the time of publication, the premium funeral directors in Perth with eziFunerals are:

If you need a Quick Quote, you can connect with Perth Funeral Directors by filling in a simple and easy quote request form.

Does eziFunerals receive commissions from funeral directors?

No. Unlike other funeral comparison sites like, eziFunerals does not receive commissions from Clients final decision-making. Our sole purpose is to provide the information clients need to make a well-informed decision and get value for money.

If you need a Quick Quote, you can connect with Perth Funeral Directors by filling in a simple and easy quote request form.


Disputes with a Funeral Directors in Perth

From time to time, the funeral may not have gone to plan, or you may feel that the funeral director did not provide the service you had been promised or paid for.

Under the Australian Consumer Law, suppliers automatically provide guarantees about the services they supply to consumers. This includes providing services with due care and skill and ensuring such services are fit for any specified purpose. Where consumer guarantees are not met, consumers have a right to a remedy which may include a refund or compensation.

The first thing to do is to clearly explain your problem to them and to ask what they can do to rectify the matter. Disputes can be the result of misunderstanding so it is important to remain calm but firm. You might also seek assistance from whichever industry association the funeral service provider belongs to — look for the name on any paperwork you have received.

These associations usually have a system for reporting complaints about members.

If you exhaust these avenues you can contact the Office of Fair Trading or you may lodge a formal complaint if approaches to the funeral service provider have been unsuccessful.

The important thing to remember is to keep all your paperwork and receipts, as well as records of dates, who you speak to, and what was discussed.

Funeral Industry Associations

Most funeral directors are members of an association and are bound by a code of ethics and a minimum set of standards must be maintained at all times. The peak associations for the funeral industry in Australia are:



Cemetery, Crematorium and Memorial Park Venues in Perth

Cemeteries and crematoria in Perth are generally governed by Cemeteries Acts and boards. They may be publicly or privately owned and are becoming more commercially minded and profit focused. Cemeteries privately owned by InvoCare, a publicly listed company on the Australian stock exchange, are not listed on our website and are not affiliated with eziFunerals.

If you are planning on a dual service that starts at the funeral home chapel and then moves on to the cemetery or crematorium, you should also consider where the funeral home is in relation to your selected final venue. You don’t want friends and family having to drive overly long distances to reach the cemetery or crematorium for the final committal ceremony.

The main cemeteries, memorial gardens and crematoria in Perth are:

Most of the time the decision is simple as there may be family plots or historical attachments to certain venues, but if you don’t have a set venue, it’s definitely worthwhile visiting a few locations to see the grounds and facilities.

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