Since the launch of our website, we have been contacted by a number of Independent Funeral Directors across Australia seeking more information about our unique funeral collaboration platform.

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Below is a list of frequently asked questions. We hope this helps clarify some common misconceptions and gives you more of an insight on how we can help you, help more families.


What are the benefits of partnering with eziFunerals!

eziFunerals is Australia’s only funeral platform that connects consumers and Independent Funeral Homes to collaborate anywhere, anytime.

We are the only funeral platform that provides exclusive support to Independent Funeral Homes. Public listed brands are not permitted to use our platform.

We do not receive commissions, nor do we get involved in the clients final selection of a funeral home.

Here are ten more reasons why Independent Funeral Directors should join and start using eziFunerals services:

  • Reduced time and expense in preparing client funeral evaluation.
  • Unlimited Client quote requests and funeral plans provided in consistent format allowing reduced time in response.
  • Improved operational efficiencies through streamlined online services model.
  • Increased awareness across the national market with showcase listings.
  • Favourable promotional opportunities and positioning on the site and social media.
  • Positioning against large corporate competitors to increase brand awareness.
  • Increased growth opportunities in major city markets.
  • Increased market opportunities in regional and country markets.
  • Ratings and review programs to highlight strengths and weakness.
  • On-going support and service for building client services online.


Will eziFunerals online services force funeral prices down?

No. eziFunerals services empowers the consumer to better understand their options when considering the funeral home of choice. This service enables consumers a way to build customised funeral plans that will meet their specific requirements. These requirements are not always price related. While our market intelligence tells us, consumers are shopping for value, they recognise their specific needs come first. Our business model does encourage competition, which will assist funeral directors to fine tune their offerings to consumers, but won’t necessarily see prices being forced down.


Many of our clients are elderly. They won’t use the internet to connect with us?

A common misconception is that the older generation isn’t online. In fact, many eziFunerals users are aged 51 years and over. eziFunerals also benefits consumers with limited hearing and speech abilities, or who speak English as a second language. We regularly receive positive feedback from such clients who are grateful that they can organise a funeral from the comfort of their own home, as the internet provides an easier way for them to make arrangements than over the phone.


Our business is going well and we’re happy with our current methods. We don’t need to change?

The mindset of people towards organising a funeral is changing – it’s becoming less loyalty based and more convenience and value driven. Our research has found that consumers now want independent and objective information and enjoy the convenience and privacy internet shopping offers. They prefer to seek direct funeral assistance at a later time when they are informed and ready to make decisions. By choosing to partner with eziFunerals you don’t only give families an alternative way of finding you, you’re also less likely to lose them to one of your competitors.


Is eziFunerals trying to replace the services of Funeral Directors?

Not at all. eziFunerals is independent consumer advocate offering funeral planning services that are intended to supplement the important services provided directly by funeral directors. eziFunerals is an online service that provides Funeral Directors insights via reviews and ratings, saves Funeral Homes time in preparing a plan, and offers a service for consumers who prefer to plan their funeral home before meeting with a Funeral Director.


What our Partner funeral homes are saying

‘Our relationship with eziFunerals has been very beneficial to our business and our community. eziFunerals has put together a wonderful platform for our customers who looking for independent and transparent information. We believe each and every Funeral service is different and eziFunerals has captured this. We aim to be associated with this valuable resource for many years to come.’

Ian J Arthur & Sons Funeral Directors: New South Wales. Photo image provided by Ian Arthur & Sons


‘As a new Independent Funeral Director, I was searching for an appropriate platform to be able to help get my services noticed by the wider community. I was encouraged to sign up to eziFunerals, and I have to say that I am very impressed with both the way the platform is presented and the help that eziFunerals had provided me to get started. I look forward to a long and successful relationship with eziFunerals for many years to come!’

Craig Stevens, Owner, Timeless Funerals.


If you would like to learn more about eziFunerals and how we support Independent Funeral Homes, please call 1300 236 402 or email


About eziFunerals

eziFunerals is a free consumer advocacy and funeral planning platform that supports individuals and families cope with end of life decisions, death and funerals. We are an independent, Australian-owned and operated company, and are not a subsidiary of any other corporation. We are not part of any other funeral company. Founded by consumers frustrated by how difficult it was to get independent information, eziFunerals supports consumers plan a funeral, compare prices and select the right funeral director anywhere, anytime.