The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in families are having to make choices about funerals they haven’t faced before. With no gatherings larger than 10 people allowed, many families are left wondering how to honour the passing of a loved one.

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One option our member Funeral Directors offer families right now is streaming live video of the funeral online. This is a flexible solution that allows you to have the closest immediate family members at the funeral service in person, if you wish, while other people participate from home.


Live streaming allows people to attend remotely

The idea of live-streaming a loved one’s funeral on Facebook or Instagram may seem strange or even shocking, but in these times of lockdown, more and more families are turning to social media to allow people to attend funerals.

Live streaming is a term used to describe the transmission of data over the Internet (usually audio and video) in a continuous flow. Online funeral streaming is when this live streaming is used to transmit actual footage of a funeral service as it takes place in real time.

It is a relatively new technology now being adopted by a number of our member funeral directors which allows mourners who are unable to attend a funeral for any reason to watch the event remotely from a device connected to the Internet.




How does live funeral streaming work?

Live funeral streaming involves having video cameras mounted strategically in the chapel where the funeral service will take place. Software allows those organising the funeral to program the system to begin operating at an appointed time. When that time arrives, the cameras will switch on automatically and transmit the funeral service live over the Internet, also recording it at the same time.

The funeral director usually gives mourners access to the event’s recording for a period of time after the day, so that those who are not able to view the service live can still view the recorded version online at a more convenient time.

The quality of the transmission will depend on the speed and quality of the Internet connection and the number of people watching, but some providers sacrifice a percentage of quality to allow those with slower Internet connections to participate. Buffering is the most common problem with streaming, which is where the program’s temporary memory doesn’t fill up quickly enough, leading to a break in the stream or a reduction in quality.


How can you let people know about the live funeral stream?

Notifying those who might want or need to view an online funeral service can be done in several ways. You can email them a link to the funeral provider’s website, which will allow them to log in at the appropriate time. You can also announce the streaming details in your public funeral notices or if you wish it to be a private viewing only, you can distribute a password to those you would like to have access.


Find a Funeral Director that’s live streaming 

eziFunerals has partnered with some of the best family owned and independent funeral directors who can arrange live streaming of the funeral at minimal cost.

They are not controlled by shareholders and are much more preferable when compared to the large funeral brands owned by the big funeral chains

They ensure that you and your family receive transparent information and the best possible standard of service at a fair and realistic price.  


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