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A new online death and funeral planning website is making death easier — for the people left behind.

eziFunerals is Australia's #1 Online Funeral Planner · Get Free & No Obligation Funeral Quotes · Top-Rated Independent Funeral Homes - Privacy guaranteed. Transparent. Types: Cremation, Burials & Funerals. No Hidden Fees. Give it a try today!

In an industry that has seen little change in the last 100 years, eziFunerals has developed a sophisticated online platform to manage an all-inclusive end of life collaboration solution that is disrupting the death care industry.

“We are excited to offer consumers a first-rate user-friendly experience to create, update, store, retrieve and now enhance and share their death preferences and thoughts online. It was time to shift end of life decisions back to the community”, says eziFunerals owner, Peter Erceg.

“Our mission is to empower the community to manage the financial and emotional stress of death, by providing independent and transparent end of life planning, from Cradle2grave®. We want to be recognised as the ‘death and funeral go to brand’ for consumers in Australia”, he said.

Most importantly, eziFunerals is creating a more positive, customised and convenient funeral experience for consumers as they manage one of the most difficult and stressful life events.


Request free quotes from local funeral directors and get an estimate of funeral costs. It’s easy. Give it a try!



“We are trying to make the whole process a lot more simple. We guide users through everything they need to do. Our users can create Advance Health Care Plans, upload digital copies of their wills, plan their funeral or appoint a guardian who will take care of their wishes when they die”, says Erceg.

Users also get to write out their funeral wishes, upload special photos, record their favourite songs or share other important documents. The company also offers a concierge service that helps those left behind to organise a funeral at-need and connect with independent funeral directors. 

Access to the information can be given to a spouse, child or anyone else you’d like. The idea is to reduce the arguments over funeral plans or the frantic search for documents that can happen after a death. Family members can also use the site to place a death or funeral notice with a newspaper or share information through Facebook and other social media accounts.


Request free quotes from local funeral directors and get an estimate of funeral costs. It’s easy. Give it a try!



“Everyone should record important end of life information and keep it in a safe place. But getting people to think about their mortality and end of life, is a challenge. “People just don’t want to do it,” says Erceg. “It’s something that is easy to put off.”

By giving people the ability to create a comprehensive advance care plan, record their funeral wishes and store important information with just a few taps, eziFunerals is transforming end of life planning and the death care industry.”


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