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Did you know that 80% of funeral services in Perth WA are cremations?

Cremation is the reduction of a body to ashes by fire conducted in a purpose-built crematorium. The Metropolitan Cemeteries Board (MCB) owns and operates crematoriums in Western Australia.

These crematoriums are provided with purpose built chapels and condolence lounges in which families generally hold a remembrance service followed by the provision of light refreshments.

Families can also create a garden memorial in one of our cemeteries for the placement of ashes. Garden memorials can range from a simple bronze plaque to a commemorative rose bush or tree; a living memorial to the dearly departed.

Alternatively, the ashes may be scattered at a location of your choice or retained in an urn. Many families also opt to divide ashes and place some at the cemetery as part of a commemorative memorial with the remainder retained in urns and divided amongst family members or scattered to the winds at an appropriate place of significance to the deceased.


Who can collect ashes after cremation?

In Perth, ashes should be collected by the person who signed the original permit to cremate when the cremation was scheduled. This person is often a close family member of the deceased and would have signed the permit when the funeral was arranged. Verification of identity and authority to collect will be verified at the cemetery at the time of collection.

Can Funeral Directors collect the Ashes?

No. Funeral Directors in Perth can not collect ashes on behalf of the family nor can they be nominated by the permit holder as a person to collect if they are acting in their professional capacity.


How to arrange a cremation in Perth?

Whether you are pre-planning a funeral or arranging a funeral at the time of need, eziFunerals can connect you with a Funeral Director who can help you with all of the arrangements, from the chapel booking through to the service details.

Our member funeral directors provide experienced and professional support to families across the Australia. They are committed to helping you through what is often a difficult time. They’ll help you create a unique personal funeral for a loved one with as much support as you need.


How much will the cremation cost?

The cost of cremation in Perth is a fixed fee set by the MCB. Many families are not aware that a chapel allocation (60 minutes) at Karrakatta, Fremantle and Pinnaroo is included in the fee.

Additional blocks of time can be purchased if a large service is anticipated or if family members wish to remain in the condolence lounges for longer. If you wish to use the inclusive chapel time you need to make the Funeral Director aware of this and request that the funeral takes place at Karrakatta, Fremantle or Pinnaroo. Contact the MCB for the schedule of cremation fees.


Where will the cremation take place?

Cremations in Perth, WA are undertaken at the following crematoriums.

•  Karrakatta Cemetery
•  Fremantle Cemetery
•  Pinnaroo Valley Memorial Park



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