If you’re needing the services of a funeral director it’s important you understand your rights and know who you are dealing with before making that first phone call.

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Not all funeral directors are the same. so it pays to do your homework!


Understand Your Funeral Rights

When  someone dies and we have to plan a funeral, we are generally unaware of our funeral rights; that is, we don’t know how we can have genuine and meaningful involvement; we are often unprepared and don’t know what to do when someone close to us dies. That’s where eziFunerals can help!

The following guide will give you peace of mind, saving you time, money and unnecessary grief.


Plan the funeral before contacting a funeral director

Planning the funeral yourself can save you time and money as well as reducing the stress your family and friends face at a time of intense grief. It will allow you to discuss and plan the funeral arrangements with your family, in the privacy of your home, and avoid a sales focused environment before signing a contract with a funeral director.


Shop around and get quotes

Don’t feel pressured to go with the first funeral director you see or the one everyone you know used. Although, it may be emotionally difficult for you to ‘shop around’ for funeral services, it makes sense that you should use the same techniques you use with any other major purchase.

By asking the right questions, comparing funeral directors and making informed choices, you can save time, money and unnecessary grief. For more information on independent funeral directors in your area, visit our State pages:


Get an itemised estimate of costs

When you arrange a funeral, you have the right to buy goods and services separately. That is, you do not have to accept a package that may include items you do not want.

Although some funeral homes are reluctant to disclose itemised prices, our members are only too happy to provide this information to you based on your personalised funeral plan.


Don’t compare prices from the same company?

You might not know it, but most of the larger funeral brands in Australia are owned by two public listed companies – InvoCare and Propel Funeral PartnersBetween them they currently control over 40% market share nationally. This means that there’s a good chance your first contact will be a funeral brand owned by one of the large funeral chains listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

So, when looking for a funeral director, the first piece of advice is: know who you are dealing with and shop around. Don’t be deceived by family brand names advertised on a billboard, in the newspaper, on radio or in the media – it does not necessarily mean they are an independent funeral home.


Avoid unnecessary items and hidden charges

Be careful of funeral packages. Most of the well know funeral brands will give these funeral packages different names, but they usually fall under titles like ‘bronze’, ‘silver’ and ‘gold’. Often these funeral packages are advertised and sold as a way to get you to pay more. So you may be paying for things you don’t need or want. That’s why you should always ask for an itemised quote.


Don’t overpay for coffins

The cost of a coffin is one of the most expensive items for any funeral, and many people either don’t have the means to pay for a coffin or would prefer not to spend such a large sum of money. The price of coffins can vary significantly, ranging from as low as $300 up to $10,000+ depending on the type of coffin you choose and the funeral director you use.


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