The funeral industry in Australia provides essential services to individuals and families dealing with, or preparing for, death and bereavement.

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However, navigating the funeral industry when someone has died can leave many of us vulnerable to upselling and confused with no understanding of the industry and little idea of our funeral rights and choices.

The following information is provided in a series of articles to assist consumers learn more about some of the largest funeral companies in Australia. In this article we provide an overview of Tobin Brothers Funerals: Victoria.


About Tobin Brothers Funerals?

Tobin Brothers Funerals is owned and operated by the Tobin family and are one of the largest funeral brands in Victoria with over 24 locations across Melbourne.

While perhaps one of the best known funeral brands in Victoria, Tobin Brothers Funerals is just one of the options available to families searching for a funeral director.

When selecting a funeral home, one question you need to consider is whether to engage a large company (like Tobin Brothers Funerals) or the services of a smaller, independent, family-owned funeral home. While large companies have the benefit of a well-known brand, it often means that you’ll pay a premium, and you may not have as much flexibility to personalise the funeral, so it’s worthwhile to consider all of your options.


Tobin Brothers Funerals Locations

Ashburton (Herbert King Funerals), Berwick, Brighton, Cheltenham, Cranbourne, Diamond Creek, Doncaster, East Burwood, Echuca, Frances Tobin (Funerals by Women), Frankston, Glenroy, Malvern, Moonee Ponds, Mount Martha, Noble Park, North Melbourne, Ringwood, Rosebud, South Morang, St Albans, Sunbury, Sunshine, Thomastown (Abbey Funerals), Werribee.


Other Tobin Brothers Funerals Brands

In addition to their main brand, Tobin Brothers Funerals also own Frances Tobin, Abbey Funerals and Herbert King Funerals.


What Services Do Tobin Brothers Funerals Offer?

Tobin Brothers Funerals offer all of the typical funeral services that you would expect from a funeral home and cater for all cultures and religions. They are positioned as a premier brand, and are well known for their distinctive uniforms and fleet of cars.


Tobin Brothers Funerals Costs

Tobin Brothers Funerals are an upper range funeral brand, and one of the more expensive funeral options available for families in Melbourne. To help you compare prices, we’ve set out the price of the professional services fee charged by Tobin Brothers Funerals. According to comparison site,  Tobin Brothers Funerals charges are between 51% – 56% more than the state average and are 143% and 191% more expensive than the cheapest options in the state.

Service Type Tobin Brothers Funerals Costs
Single Service $5,472.5
Dual Service $5,857.5
Graveside Service $5,362.5


(Note: These prices relate to professional fees only and are taken from  They do not include the cost of coffins, flowers, notices and other disbursements. Please check website for inclusions and exclusions to avoid hidden fees.


Larger Funeral Homes versus Smaller Funeral Homes

Although most consumers will pick a funeral home brand based on expensive marketing campaigns, it pays to shop around. We wouldn’t consider buying a car or paying for a wedding without learning everything we can about the product or service. The same decision making process should also apply to funerals!

Choosing between a large funeral brand or smaller independent funeral home is a personal question. Large funeral homes like Tobin Brothers Funerals are often able to charge a premium due to brand recognition and the belief that their services will be of a higher professional quality. On the other hand, smaller independent funeral homes in Victoria are often more connected with the communities they serve and their staff have more freedom to tailor funerals to reflect the wishes of the family.

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Make Your Funeral Choice the Easy Choice

If a more personalised service is important to you, you should ask who owns and operates the funeral home you are considering. By choosing to use the services of a smaller independent funeral director, listed with eziFunerals, you are selecting the help of a trusted professional – who can help you anywhere, anytime. They are not distracted or bound by large company rules handed down from head office and can be flexible and responsive to individual needs, providing a highly personal and compassionate service.

So make the right choice and get value for money by selecting a small, independent and family owned funeral director to conduct a funeral.

For more information on funeral choices in each of the states, see our city specific pages:


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