One of the most common questions we are always asked, relates to the average cost of a funeral. Living in a consumer culture we are very much interested in the relative cost of things, including funerals.

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According to the latest Australian Seniors Cost of Death Report (June 2019), most of us think funerals are getting more expensive year-on-year, with the rise in the cost of funerals exceeding the rise in the general cost of living. It also reported that the average cost of a ‘standard burial’ in Australia is $9,403, while the average cost of a standard cremation in Australia is $5,591. The average cost will vary widely across each state.

Sure, we are all concerned about the rising cost of funerals. Who wouldn’t be (unless you owned shares in two of the biggest funeral providers in Australia (InvoCare and Propel Funeral Partners), who account for a third of the entire market).

However, we’re fairly confident that if you’re planning a funeral for a loved one or planning your final wishes ahead of time, you’re not interested in organising an “average” funeral.

After all, your loved one wasn’t “average”, and if you’re planning your funeral wishes ahead of time, you’re certainly not “average” or ordinary (we think those people who pre-plan their funeral are not only smart; they really understand the real value of a good goodbye).

What makes a good funeral isn’t the amount of money spent. A good funeral is one which supports your family and friends left behind, while clearly respecting and celebrating the personality, social contributions, and life achievements of the deceased.


‘Funerals are not “average” or ordinary.’


Your choice between a basic service, a more elaborate funeral or even no funeral at all, is not relevant. What’s more relevant is that it is a unique and personalised funeral service, irrespective of the cost. Remember: You’re among friends.

From our perspective, the most important issue for consumers is that you get the chance to make informed funeral choices and understand your funeral rights. Many of us assume a funeral will cost just about the same anywhere. Or perhaps there’s only one funeral home nearby, so why bother.

Surprisingly, you can save thousands of dollars  – if you take the time to plan, shop around and get quotes, before the moment of need. Not all funeral directors are the same. So it pays to do your homework!

That’s where eziFunerals can help! eziFunerals protects a consumer’s right to choose only those services you want, and get the right funeral at the right price. Although some funeral homes are reluctant to disclose itemised prices, our members are only too happy to provide this information to you based on your personalised funeral plan created through eziFunerals.

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