Many people think it makes sense to write their funeral wishes in their will.

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Although it’s a good idea, you should be aware that the appointed executors will have the final say and are technically considered the decision makers with regards to the funeral arrangements. This means that the appointed executors are not legally bound to follow your funeral wishes.

Another problem to consider is the funeral could end up being arranged before the will is even read, so your funeral wishes will only be seen after the funeral has taken place.

Therefore, leaving final wishes or funeral requests in your will isn’t the best option. So what are the alternatives?




How to ensure your funeral wishes are respected

The following information is provided to help you and your family implement you funeral wished and and avoid unnecessary stress.


Talk to your family

As funeral wishes in a will are not legally binding and can be overturned by family, it’s best to talk to them about your wishes beforehand.

Speaking about your funeral allows you to explain to others just why your wishes are so important to you. It’s important to remember that some people may find talking about death and your funeral a difficult subject which is why the next option may suit you better.


Create a funeral plan

Expressing your funeral wishes is a good way of easing the stress on your family in making decisions on the type of funeral you would want.

eziFunerals let’s you create your funeral plan and record wishes with your family. We’ll help you to organise and document your funeral needs in an easy to read, downloadable PDF format. Your PDF funeral plan can be used to share with your family (pre-need) or get itemised quotes from multiple funeral directors (at-need).


Appoint a Funeral Guardian

Funeral Guardians are people you designate to be notified upon your death and execute your advance funeral planning wishes.

eziFunerals helps you choose one or more Funeral Guardians to administer your Funeral Planning wishes. Once you choose you’re Funeral Guardians, they will be sent an email where they can accept or decline your request. If they accept, they are sent an email and are asked to store this in a safe place. Upon your death, they will be required to produce a Medical Certificate of Death. Once your death has been confirmed, your account will be unlocked to access your funeral plan.


Share your funeral plan

Sharing your wishes with your loved ones relieve some of the uncertainty and stress often associated with arranging a funeral, but it may also provide reassurance to your family that they are celebrating your life in the way you would have wanted.

Once your funeral plan is created, you can store it online, share it with your family, download it, and use it to compare funeral prices from multiple funeral homes in your area before selecting a funeral director that’s right for you and your family. There’s no obligation to select a Funeral Director.


How eziFunerals Wills & Funerals team can help

Experiencing the passing of a loved one is traumatic enough. To safeguard against unnecessary conflict, it is important to appoint someone you can trust to understand your final wishes, and have them carried out.

Having an up-to-date, legally valid Will that reflects your wishes is also of great importance. We have partnered with Willed, who can assist you in preparing or updating your Will to ensure your loved ones are provided for in future. Through our dedicated Wills partner, you can speak directly to one of our friendly legal experts about your situation.

Create your will today. Plan your funeral and appoint a Funeral Guardian to carry out your wishes the way you always wanted. If you have any further questions regarding your will or funeral wishes, then contact eziFunerals today.



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