Everyone should prepare for the inevitable, but do you need to pay a lawyer hundreds of dollars to prepare your last will and testament?

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The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed the way we live and work. It is also increasingly forcing us all to have some tough conversations. Among them is the matter of a last will and testament. Do you have one? Do you need one? How do you make one quickly that’s legally binding? Can you do it online?

No one wants to pass away without having their affairs in order. Likewise, no one wants to burden their family with the added worry and stress of trying to figure out your end of life wishes.



Online Wills Australia @ Willed

A new company in Australia is changing the way we are creating wills online. Developed by tech and legal experts, Willed empowers Australians to write their legal will using a convenient and cost-effective solution.

Since its launch in early 2020, Willed has created 1,000’s of wills for people across Australia. Willed has since developed its platform to include other estate management services such as Enduring Power of Attorney and Medical Decision Maker documents, as well as Probate and Letters of Administration services.

Willed has also partnered with a number of charities across Australia such as Beyond Blue, JDRF and The Royal Flying Doctor Service to support their Gift in Will and bequest programs.

The company has diversified to offer Probate and Letters of Administration services at a competitive rate and has launched additional fixed fee estate planning services such as Enduring Power of Attorney and Medical Decision Maker.

Benefits of Making a Will @ Willed

1. Speed

It takes about 15 minutes to draft a simple and legal online will with Willed.

2. Cost

Creating a will online with Willed can cost around $159. It’s even cheaper for couples. Hiring a lawyer to help you write a simple will with minimal assets costs at least a few hundred dollars, and possibly much more if you have a complex estate.

3. Convenience

If you’ve put off writing a will this long, what are the chances that today is the day you’ll call a lawyer to help you? When you use Willed, you can create your will today. Plus, if you need to consult a lawyer at some time in the future, you can use the will you created with Willed to guide discussions. You might either write a new one or amend and update the existing one with the attorney’s guidance.

How it works

Signing up to Willed is similar to any other app and only requires an email address to get started.

1. Sign up

Create your account and answer a few simple questions about yourself such as age and relationship status. It is straightforward to complete.

2. Fill in your personal details

To write your will, you will need to outline some personal information such as marital status and any children you have. If you do have children under the age of 18 or dependants, you will also need to appoint a guardian if you and your partner pass away.

3. Appoint your executors

The executor is the person appointed by you to carry out your wishes after you pass away. An executor’s duties can be demanding, so it is crucial to select people you trust carefully. Consider appointing a backup executor just in case.

If you do not feel comfortable or cannot appoint an Executor yourself, you can nominate Willed.com.au to complete these services for you (for a nominal fee).

4. Define who gets what

Leave gifts (called legacies) by specifying friends, family or a charity to receive gifts from your estate. These can be specific assets such as items or sentimental objects, property or a monetary sum.

5. Divide your residual estate

Distribute the rest of your estate (after allocation of gifts) to your nominated beneficiaries, who can include individuals, groups of people or organisations.

6. List your final wishes (optional)

If you have any final wishes, you can specify these too. These might include details relating to funeral arrangements or burial preferences such as location and method.

7. Get it checked by a Will expert

Once you have completed your will, get it checked by a ‘Wills and Estate expert’ at Willed.

8. Download, print, and sign your will

Based on your responses, you can then download your custom will and sign the document to ensure that it is legally binding.

Don’t Put It Off

There’s more than one way to get your affairs in order, however Willed offers a quick, convenient and affordable to create a legal will online today.

You should not put it off and start estate planning now, while it’s on your mind, and follow through with the final steps to make the document binding. Print it, find witnesses to watch you sign it, then have those witnesses sign, too. Make sure you give the will or a copy of it to someone you trust or put it in a safe place where someone you trust knows where to find it.

Disclaimer: Willed is a technology platform that allows you to create your own estate planning solutions using our forms and other information. Willed is not a law firm and does not provide legal, financial, taxation or other advice. If you are unsure whether our estate planning solutions are suitable for your personal circumstances, legal advice should be sought from a law firm, such as Willed Law Pty Ltd.



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