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When you’ve just lost a loved one, it can be very hard to find the courage to write an announcement of their death for the newspapers. But announce it you must, so friends, colleagues, associates and more distant family will know of your loss and what the funeral arrangements are, so they can come and pay their respects. It is particularly effective for those friends that you may not have been in touch with for some time.


Ask for the ‘true’ cost of funeral notices placed by funeral directors

The cost of a funeral notice in most major newspapers is not cheap. What you don’t know, is that you may be charged for the cost of including their business logo.

That’s right! You may be paying for their advertising on your funeral notice. So next time you ask the funeral director to place a notice for you, ask them to charge you only for your notice and not their business logo: otherwise you will be paying for their advertising.


Where to place a funeral notice in Australia?

eziFunerals provide easy ways for consumers to link with newspapers in Australia,  to place a funeral notice, express condolences, share direct support for families, and celebrate the people who have touched their lives. Quickly place a funeral, death or obituary notice by clicking a newspaper in your City.




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