The popularity of prepaid funeral plans has increased in recent years. For many people, prepaying a funeral can save loved ones from having to make many difficult decisions, when the time comes.

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However,  because of our general reluctance to talk about death and funerals, we are finding that more families have little or no knowledge that a prepaid funeral has been put in place by their loved one. With most funerals now costing between $4,000 – $15,000, not having that awkward conversation about our funeral, can be an expensive mistake to make.


How to find a missing funeral plan?

So, what can you do if you think a loved one may have purchased a prepaid funeral plan, but you can’t find any of the information? eziFunerals might be able to help. The following tips may help you locate a missing funeral plan in Australia.

Check with eziFunerals

eziFunerals is Australia largest online funeral advocacy service. Its aim is to ensure that customers get the the right funeral service at the right price.

Unfortunately, there is no catch-all database for prepaid funeral plans, which can make the search difficult. However eziFunerals can contact our member funeral directors to check if they have a prepaid funeral plan in place for your loved one. Click here to start your search.


Check the deceased’s bank statements

If our search is unsuccessful, try checking your loved one’s bank statements. You may find a record of a significant one-off payment, or of smaller, regular instalments paid to a funeral plan provider.


Ask around

You could also reach out to other local funeral directors and ask whether they have a prepaid funeral plan for your loved one on their books. Be aware that funeral pre-payments should be held either within a trust fund, managed by independent trustees.

Alternatively, talk to other family members and particularly friends of the deceased, with whom they may have discussed funeral arrangements.


What if the funeral has already taken place?

Don’t be discouraged from trying to trace a plan if the funeral has already taken place and was paid for independently. In most cases, the prepaid funeral plan provider will still pay your claim.

However, be advised that if the service was carried out by a funeral director different to the one specified in the plan, or if it included different services and features, your claim may not cover the entire cost, due to pricing variations.

How to avoid losing your funeral plan?

eziFunerals provides the following advice to avoid your funeral plan being lost.

  • Involve a family member or a friend. Having someone with you when you take out your plan will ensure they understand what is and isn’t included.
  • Tell your family about your plan or any other provisions you have made towards funeral costs.
  • Keep the paperwork with other important documents, so that it’s easy for your family to find.
  • Let your plan provider know if you move house, so that they can keep their records up to date.
  • Store your funeral plan in your private and secure vault with eziFunerals.



About eziFunerals

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Our member Funeral Directors operate in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Australia wide. Thet are chosen for their knowledge, quality, service, personalisation and experience. They go above and beyond, and will take the time to support the family.

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Peter is the Founder & Owner of eziFunerals Pty Ltd. Published Author - ‘What Kind Of Funeral?, Vivid Publishing. He has a long family history within the funeral industry and understands the issues faced by both consumers and funeral directors when arranging a funeral from Cradle2grave®.