THE DEATH OF A LOVED ONE is a difficult time for everyone. For most of us, coping with death and organising a funeral is one of the most difficult things we will ever be asked to do. It can be a very emotional and difficult time.

What makes it even harder is that we are generally unaware of our funeral rights; that is, we don’t know how we can have genuine and meaningful involvement; we are often unprepared and don’t know what to do when someone close to us dies.

That’s where eziFunerals can help! We’re here to inform, support and empower you so that you understand your funeral rights and can have meaningful involvement in the whole experience.


What our customers tell us

After meeting and talking to many people, it was clear to us that the whole funeral experience can too often be dissatisfying — we can be left with a sense of regret and unnecessary grief.

People often say to us things like: “If only we had had more information.” “It all happened so fast.” “We had no previous experience to help us.” “We felt quite vulnerable when the funeral director came.”




We understand what you’re going through

We understand what people are going through, and the challenges they face when planning and organising a funeral. It became very clear to us that there was a need to establish “eziFunerals”, a fully-integrated service to give people the information they need, to offer advice and provide access to funeral planning services.

Your starting point is our website which has been designed to make organising a funeral simple & easy for you to find what you need.



We’re here to help you

Our mission is to provide you with independent, transparent and trustworthy information and advice, so you, your family and community (many deaths affect more than immediate relatives) can make informed decisions about all funeral-related matters.

eziFunerals can provide support during the traumatic time of a death and funeral.

  • We can help you understand your funeral rights.
  • We make it easy to plan a personal and meaningful funeral.  
  • We show how you can take that plan to funeral services and products Australia-wide.
  • We connect you with the best local and independent funeral directors in your area.
  • We show you how to create a death & funeral notice and obituary.
  • We can save you time, money and unnecessary grief.
  • We also help you plan ahead; to make funerals, including eulogies, more comforting and satisfying.
  • We can help you manage your affairs including probate, letters of administration and estates.



About eziFunerals

eziFunerals supports individuals and families coping with end of life decisions, death and funerals. We are an independent, Australian-owned and operated company. We are not part of any other funeral company.

Our member Funeral Directors operate in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Australia wide. They are chosen for their knowledge, quality, service, personalisation and experience. They go above and beyond, and will take the time to support the family.

For more information or to make contact with a trusted Independent funeral director, call eziFunerals on 1300 236 402 or visit