Instead of handing down great-grandma’s possessions for future generations, why not give the gift of great-grandma herself?

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In an Australian first, Chapter House Funerals has been selected to represent the Swiss company, Algordanza in Melbourne, Australia.

Algordanza, which means remembrance, is giving people the chance to memorialise themselves or others by converting their ashes into the precious diamonds. These memorial diamonds immortalise the dearly departed—a symbol of the unique value of each person who passes on.

“Algordanza AG is looking forward to having Chapter House onboard representing our company and unique service in Melbourne. We chose Chapter House to represent the Algordanza Memorial Diamond in the Victoria because we believe Chapter House earned good reputation and credibility in this sensitive field. We share the same values and respect towards the families. We aim to offer families in Australia, trustworthy and reliable partners if they want to create a beautiful memory for generations, a symbol of love. We wish Algordanza Melbourne the very best!” said Rinaldo Willy, CEO & Founder of Algordanza.

“Today, with the increasing change from traditional burial to cremation the memorial diamond is a beautiful way to celebrate life. You may choose to use the diamond as a jewellery piece to wear, displayed or safely secured either way it can remain in your family. Increasing real estate costs have made burial plots unaffordable to some families, this coupled with maintenance of a grave over many years and generations a diamond is an alternative to consider”. said Troy Upfield, Founder and Principal of Chapter House.

“The Memorial Diamond is a unique way to say farewell to a beloved person; an everlasting heirloom passed down over generations.

We are looking forward to offering a unique service to families and working with Algordanza. With the renowned standards of the Swiss, we know Australian families will value the quality and craftsmanship of their diamond”. said Liddy Upfield, COO Chapter House.


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