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If you are looking for a unique way to share memories of a deceased loved one, you may want to create an online memorial with eziFunerals.

eziFunerals provides a platform that allows you to establish an online memorial, enabling family members and friends from near and far to come together and share their memories while honoring the life of your loved one. As time goes on, the online memorial created with eziFunerals can serve as a beautiful and enduring source of cherished memories.

Once you have made the decision to set up this type of memorial, eziFunerals can assist you in gathering the necessary information and materials that you would like to include. It is important to note that not everything needs to be added at once, and the eziFunerals platform facilitates the addition of photos and stories by others, making it a collaborative space for sharing.

By creating an online memorial with eziFunerals, you can provide a meaningful and lasting tribute to your loved one, fostering a sense of connection and preserving their legacy for future generations.


Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Compile all essential biographical data, such as birth date, death date, full name and places where the deceased has lived. Try to document his or her life without getting too caught up in small details.
  • Include a good photo of your loved one. This provides a connection for visitors to the online tribute. A range of photos to visibly illustrate the deceased’s life can also be used.
  • Allow visitors to upload and share photos.
  • Write the actual tribute. How would your loved one like to be remembered? You can use the eulogy from the funeral, memories, or your own thoughts about the deceased. Sharing a special story is often a great way to start.
  • Invite others to share their stories and comments. Ask visitors to share what they remember best about your loved one.
  • Consider adding multimedia items such as video, audio and photo albums. We recommend keeping the size of video files to a minimum so that it is quick and easy for visitors to download.

What are the Benefits of an Online Memorial 

You still might be wondering why you shouldn’t just go with a regular obituary and call it good. Here are the benefits of creating online memorials for loved ones:

Everyone can share stories

An obituary is usually just the facts about a person’s life, a listing of their family, and how you can remember the deceased. An online memorial allows you to include stories from the person’s life. You can ask family members and friends to include their memories with words, photos, and/or video.

Keeping memories alive

Sharing stories of a loved one we lost helps us keep their memory alive. We can relate to others through these moments in time, and they help us keep our loved ones alive in our minds.

Connections & social sharing

Friends and family are scattered all over the world. Creating an online memorial is an easy way to share stories and photos of your deceased loved one on social media. You can also share the link via email or text message.

Extra Space

If you’re putting an obituary in a newspaper, you get charged by the word. With an online memorial, you aren’t restricted to a certain space. You have the option of writing whatever you want, as well as including photos and videos. You aren’t limited in what you can include, which allows you to add as many memories with your loved one as you want.


How to Make an Online Memorial

Many people are used to using obituaries to alert people to someone’s death. Creating an online memorial for a loved one allows you to make your remembrance more personal and more in-depth. An online memorial also allows family members or friends from all over the world to add their memories. It’s also possible to link the memorial to social media sites, so it can be shared even further. 

What to Include When Creating an Online Memorial

No matter what kind of memorial you choose, you need to keep in mind what’s most important, celebrating the life of your loved one. It’s important to note, there is no right or wrong way to do this! 

Give it a title

First, you will definitely want to include a first and last name, so everyone knows who this online memorial is dedicated to. Think about words you can add to make it more meaningful.

For example, John Smith, a Friend to Everyone He Met, or Jane Doe, a Woman Who Loved to Sew. Just think of the best way you know how to capture who your loved one was and how you want them to be remembered.

Start with an introduction

Think of one thing that really captures and introduces your loved one to someone else. This doesn’t have to be formal. Speak from the heart. People will relate much better if you show some emotion.

Include a brief biography

Don’t forget to talk about your loved one’s career, accomplishments, charities they supported, major life events, and any other details you feel are worthy of mentioning. However, don’t feel like you need to list every little detail, although you can if you’d like. That’s the beauty of the online memorial, you can include as much or as little as you want.

Pick a theme

When choosing a theme, think of what your loved one really loved to do. Did they like to write? If so, include one piece they wrote that you treasured. If they were an artist, choose to use photos of their favorite creations. Whatever you choose, you can carry that theme throughout your whole online memorial.

Add photos, stories, & video

This is another way to make your online memorial more personal and memorable. You can choose meaningful photos and write captions for them. You can do this for video clips, too. It gives people a way to remember special occasions and relive those moments years after your loved one is gone. My LifeJars offers wonderful ways to organize your most treasured audios, photos, and video.

Other extras to add 

What other things were significant to your loved one? Was there one saying they lived by? Is there a certain song that always reminds you of them? Were they a writer? Think about what extra items you could add to their online memorial. Each item you add will make your tribute even more memorable.

Get help & ask for feedback

Lastly, you may find it helpful to ask others for help. Once you have created your online memorial for your loved one ask other to share their thoughts and feedback. You may be surprised, some might remember things a bit differently than you do. Having someone look at what you have planned makes it more personal for them, too. You should ask other family members and friends to share their stories and memories, and include them in the memorial.



The Advantages of Choosing an Online Memorial

As we said before, an online memorial offers many more options than a traditional obituary does. Here are some of the advantages of an online memorial:

  • Fewer limits – You have many more options and more space in the online format.
  • More options – You can use a variety of photos, videos, and music with as much text as you want.
  • Guestbook – Family and friends can share their own memories and connect with others.
  • Easily shareable – Since all of the memorial information is online, you can easily share it via text, email, or social media. It will also be there forever, so it can be accessed by future generations.

Things to Consider When Choosing Online Memorial Sites

Technology changes every day and there are so many options out there for online memorials. Keep these things in mind when choosing what is best for you:

  • History – Look at how long the website has been around and what other people have to say about it.
  • Longevity – You want your online memorial for your loved one to be around for a long time, so make sure you check to see how long it will be live on the internet.
  • Ease of use – Take a look at the user interface and see if it’s easy to use. Also, make sure to check out that you can add all the extras you want, like photos, videos, and music.
  • Security – Make sure the website has added protection and measures put into place to make sure all of your information is protected.
  • Hosting environment – Reliability is a big factor in making sure your online memorial is always accessible.

Facebook memorialisation and tribute page

Since people worldwide use Facebook to connect with others in good times, it only makes sense that the people would also want to use the site to share personal memories of their beloved and express their sympathy. Since we know how heartbreaking it can be when a friend or family member passes away, it’s comforting to know their page still exists.

This is proving to be a popular option. Every month, more than 30 million people visit memorialised profiles. They share memories, mark significant anniversaries, and pay respect to the deceased.

To memorialise a person’s existing Facebook Page, you will need to provide documentation of their death via the social media platform. You may be happy to know that Facebook is no longer allowing anyone other than close friends and family to request that an account be memorialised.

A family member or friend will then designate someone to manage the deceased’s legacy or Facebook memorial page. This person is known as a Moderator. Moderators control the sensitive content that may be difficult for friends and family to view. Once a page is memorialised, Facebook will remove personal information and stop sending birthday notifications but family and friends can still leave condolences and memories.

It may be comforting to know that you can also ask Facebook to make a Look Back movie. This is a touching video that shows off some of the photos from the deceased’s past posts and most popular status updates.

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