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eziFunerals has partnered with HeavenAddress to provide families and friends a respectful place to celebrate, honour and pay tribute to our loved ones regardless of time, place and religion. HeavenAddress is Australia’s leading online memorial and tribute website.

An online memorial can be very healing to those who are missing a loved one. It provides a central location where their family and friends can visit to share stories, fond memories, photographs, comfort one another and grieve. The memorial can remain online for life (or a specific period of time) allowing people to visit and contribute any time in the privacy of your own space.   






Remember a Life Lived from Cradle2grave

Create your own online memorial that pays respect and tribute to the individuals and loved ones that mean so much to you. You can control who accesses and contributes to your loved one’s page and it is customisable to your needs and requirements. It’s a great way for friends and family to leave touching tributes. At Heaven Address you can leave a memorial everyone can share and keep the memories of your loved ones alive for generations to come simply by posting and sharing tributes, photos, videos and messages.





Share your Memorial with Family & Friends

The memorials are easily shared and can be contributed to with just a click. All you need is a computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • As the curator, you will receive an email to access the memorial page.
  • You can upload Service Sheets, Eulogy, Photos and Videos for future generations.
  • Share using traditional email or social media with friends and family so that they can leave condolences as well as share their own memories and mementos.
  • The messages of support in the memorial can be included as part of the ceremony.







Create a Photo Wall

Be a part of the HeavenAddress community and honour loved ones by sharing great memories on a Photo Wall.


Light  Candle

Make a wish, and dedicate fond memories by lighting a candle. Before you light your candle, reflect for a moment on the wish that you made, and your purpose for lighting the candle.  


Plant a Tree

Make a wish, and dedicate fond memories by planting a tree. Before you plant your tree, reflect for a moment on the wish that you made, and your reasons for planting the tree. Revisit each day to watch your tree grow. You can make your tree grow by watering it, or allowing the sun to shine on it. You can also do the same to help other’s trees grow, and they can help your tree grow as well!