Let us help you trace a missing funeral plan

The last thing you want to be doing when you have just lost a close family member is hunting around to see if they had already made their funeral arrangements, let’s face it not many people talk about their own death or funeral so how would you know?

With more people choosing to put prepaid funeral plans, the search for lost prepaid funeral plans is likely to increase with more suffering long term illness, such as dementia and alzheimers disease.

Unfortunately there is no central database of all prepaid funeral plans, and this means that eziFunerals cannot search directly for a missing plan on your behalf. However, this form allows you to ask our funeral director members whether they have a prepaid funeral plan in place for your relative or loved one.



If a loved one passes away and you think they might have purchased a prepaid funeral plan, but you can’t find any of the information, we may be able to help.

Please complete the details below, and provide specific consent for eziFunerals to share this information with all of our member funeral directors. If any member director has a potential match for a prepaid plan they will contact you directly and carry out their normal data protection checks. If no plan is found you will not hear back from either eziFunerals or any member funeral director.

Calling eziFunerals will not speed up the trace process as we have no direct access to individual customer data. eziFunerals does not provide any guarantee that this service will result in the identification of any active plan.


Need further assistance?

If you need to arrange a funeral, while you continue to locate a missing plan, then we may be able to assist. Get a quick FUNERAL QUOTE or apply for financial assistance.


Trace Missing Funeral Plan