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How to create a will online and make sure your wishes are carried out

The best guide for Wills and Estates

Willed in Australia

eziFunerals now offers Funeral AfterCare Support to help you with the many tasks in settling the estate, reduce the time in settling the estate and save the estate money.

We have partnered with Willed to help you manage your affairs by explaining what’s required and supporting you at each stage – from creating a will, organising a power of attorney, applying for probate, obtaining letters of administration, to helping you release money from the estate.

Please see below a list of what Willed can handle for you. If you think of something that isn’t on the list no worries they can look after that also.

Start to write your will online today

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Willed is Australia’s leading online Will writing platform. Our partners at Willed will help you to write your Will and Power of Attorney documents from the comfort of your own home. Use or special Coupon Code for a member discount. GET STARTED


Enduring Power Of Attorney

Speak to our partners at Willed and get expert lawyers to organise your Enduring Power of Attorney. To get started book a free, no-obligation consultation.

Write your legal will in 20 minutes

Apply For Probate

Our partners at Willed provide fixed fee probate, without the hassleApply for a grant of probate from the comfort of your couch with Willed expert estate planning lawyers.

Letters Of Administration

Our partners at Willed provide fixed fee Letters of Administration, without the hassleApply for Letters of Administration from the comfort of your couch with our expert estate planning lawyers.

Get An Estate Planning Lawyer

Plan your estate with our partners at Willed. They provide expert lawyers and fixed-priced options in one place. Speak to Willed legal experts to organise your estate and create legal documents to protect you and your loved ones should you fall ill or pass away unexpectedly.

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Deceased estates and taxation

The Australian Taxation Office provides useful information on Deceased Estates and what to do when someone dies, getting authority to deal with the ATO, lodging a final tax return, and trust tax returns.

Checklist: what to do when someone dies
Use this step-by-step checklist to manage tax for a deceased estate.

  • Who can represent a deceased estate
  • How to become a legal personal representative (LPR), get a grant of probate, and appoint a tax agent.
  • Notifying us of death and who will manage the estate
  • Who can notify us, how to notify us, and what documents you will need.
  • Accessing a deceased person’s tax and super information
  • Who can access the tax and super information we hold, and how to get it.
  • Doing a final tax return for the deceased person
  • Work out if a ‘date of death’ tax return is required, how to lodge, and who can receive any refund.
  • Doing trust tax returns for the deceased estate
  • When and how to lodge a trust tax return, income to include, how tax applies, how to get a TFN and ABN, and tax rates.
  • Confirming tax obligations are complete
  • Check that all tax obligations are complete before the final distribution of the deceased estate.
  • If you are a beneficiary of a deceased estate
  • Work out if there is a tax on money or assets you inherited, or are presently entitled to.
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Disclaimer: Willed is a technology platform that allows you to create your own estate planning solutions using our forms and other information. Willed is not a law firm and does not provide legal, financial, taxation or other advice. If you are unsure whether our estate planning solutions are suitable for your personal circumstances, legal advice should be sought from a law firm, such as Vault Legal.