Advance Health Care Planning

Making decisions about your future healthcare is known as advance care planning.

Anyone, regardless of their age or state of health, should consider doing advance care planning. But, it is particularly important for people who have an ongoing medical problem.

eziFunerals Advance Care Planning service provides you with an easy, simple and convenient way to plan your end of life health care, from the comfort of your own home. It provides you with a written document that records your health care and medical wishes at the end of life, if you became unable to speak for yourself.


Creating your Advance Care Plan is easy!

1. Register as a new Funeral Consumer, or simply login to your account.

2. Select the Create An Advance Care Plan menu option and follow the steps provided. Each section will help you start a conversation with your loved ones about your healthcare and treatment should you find yourself in a position where you are seriously ill or injured and not able to make decisions. You’re able to stop and resume the planning form at your leisure.

A. “Details of Person Making Advance Health Care Plan” allows you to record:

  • your personal details
  • appoint person/s to be your Health Care Guardian and to make decisions on your behalf.
  • list of responsible persons who you have shared and have a copy of your plan.

B. “My Personal Values About Dying” allows you to record:

  •  a statement of your values and beliefs about dying and your health care and medical wishes in the event you are unable to speak for yourself.
  • how you would like your pain and comfort managed
  • what treatments you would like given or not given.
  • how you would like to be cared for at the end of your life.

C. “Directions About Medical Care” allows you to record:

  • specific directions about your health care and medical treatment including cardio pulmonary resuscitation and other medical treatments.

D. “Specific Requests About Organ And Tissue Donation” allows you to record:

  • specific requests about organ and tissue donation following your death.
  • specific requests about ante-mortem treatment for organ donation (immediately before your death).

E. “Authorisation” allows you to record:

  • confirmation of your Advance Health Care Plan wishes.
  • details of witness and treating health professional.

3. Once your plan is complete you can download it as a PDF as an important record of your wishes.


When can your Advance Health Care Plan be used?

It is only used if you are unable to make or communicate your own end of life health care and medical decisions. It would then guide the decision making of your doctor, your Guardian and your family.


Who should you choose to be your Health Care Guardian?

The person you choose should be someone you trust, who will listen carefully to your beliefs, values, goals and wishes for future medical care, and will faithfully represent you. Your Health Care Guardian is expected to act in your best interests, making the same decisions they believe you would have made for yourself.


Is your Advance Health Care Plan a legal document?

No. An Advance Health Care Plan is not a legal document and will not necessarily be followed. You don’t have to sign an advanced health care plan, but your signature makes it clear that it is your wishes that have been written down.

If you require your end of life care and medical treatment to be followed as a legal document, then you should complete an Advance Health Directive and/or appoint an Enduring Power of Guardianship. Please contact your hospital/health care agency in your state or speak to your Doctor for more information about an Advance Health Directive.


Start the conversation with your family?

Talk to your family, your doctors and to those most likely to be involved in making decisions if you are very ill. In many hospitals there are people who can help you to discuss these issues with your family and doctor.

Note: You have the final say in who sees it. Keep it somewhere safe, and tell people where it is in case they need to find it in the future. You can keep a copy in your medical notes. We’ll store a copy in your eziFunerals account and you can even upload a copy in your My Health Record.


Add your Advance Health Care Plan to ‘My Health Record’

Did you know you can upload an eziFunerals Advance Care Plan to your My Health Record? This will help make your treating doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers aware that you have specific wishes about your future medical treatments or care given to you. If you do not have a My Health Record, find out how to register here.


What happens if you don’t have an Advance Health Care Plan?

If you become unwell and cannot communicate for yourself, doctors will treat you with any treatment that they believe is likely to be of benefit to you. For some people, this means that they would receive treatment that they would not want. If you feel strongly about certain types of treatments that you would not want to receive, then an eziFunerals Advance Health Care Plan is a good way to communicate those wishes.






Death is a subject that most of us don’t want to talk about and yet it is inevitable for all of us. We tend to avoid the topic as much as possible but talking about it with family and friends or taking the time to plan your funeral ahead could save us all from a lot of trouble.

Although there is increased awareness for advance care plans, funeral planning is often ignored, and can lead to unnecessary grief for family members who need to make all the arrangements, after our death.

Planning your funeral in advance can reduce the stress your family and friends face at a time of intense grief. By specifying your wishes, you will get the sort of funeral that you would wish to have. It also means that your loved ones will not have to face making decisions at a difficult time.


Pre-Planning your funeral wishes is easy!

1. Register as a new Funeral Consumer, or simply login to your account.

2. Select the Plan A Funeral menu option and follow the steps provided in each section.

  • “Details of Person Making Arrangements” allows you to record details your family will need for official records.
  • “Details of Committal” allows you to record how you would like to be put to rest.
  • “Details of the Funeral” allows you to record your wishes regarding your funeral.

3.  Save or submit your personalised funeral for a no obligation and  itemised quote from funeral directors.

Once your funeral plan is created, you can store it online, share it with your family, download it, and use it to compare funeral prices from multiple funeral homes in your area before selecting a funeral director that’s right for you and your family.



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