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What is a budget cremation?

In recent years, there has been a rise in popularity of ‘budget’ cremations in Australia with consumers wanting as little fuss as possible for the cremation of the body.

A ‘bare to the bone’ or what is commonly referred to as ‘budget cremation’ is the cheapest and simplest type of funeral in Sydney and other capital cities.

It involves collection of the body, and carrying out the cremation, (usually with no one present), and return the ashes afterwards.

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There’s no ceremony, no funeral service, and no fuss

Everything is arranged very simply and carried out with respect and dignity.

Both David Bowie and the novelist Anita Brookner, went for “direct cremation”, where the body is sent straight to the cremator from hospital or home, with no attendance or ceremony.

Ashes are returned to the family allowing family and friends to celebrate their life and relationships several months later, in a place special to them.

The biggest benefit a budget cremation offers is time

Time for the family to organise a tribute or celebration of life without rushing and at a time and location that suits them.

The memorial can take whatever form the family chooses, but the option means they generally don’t go to the crematorium to witness the cremation itself.

‘There is a lot to be said for this option’

According to eziFunerals, there is a lot to be said for this minimalist option, not least cost; with funerals costing more than $7,449 on average, in Sydney and Melbourne, with many costing much more.

“A low cost budget cremation can start from $2500. If you’re paying more than $3500 in Perth and other capital cities, then you could be paying too much. So it pays to do your homework and shop around!”

Baby boomers are moving toward cheap and cheerful funerals

Australian Baby Boomers are now less religious compared to previous generations and are changing the game for their parents and themselves.

Seeing a coffin being lowered into the ground or disappearing behind curtains is a dramatic touch many people would be grateful not to have to go through, as their last physical connection with their loved one. 

They’re choosing alternative ways of saying goodbye, whether it’s a cremation instead of a burial, scattering ashes instead of visiting a grave, or even a celebration of that person’s life instead of a more sombre, all-black affair.


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