There is more variety and freedom than ever in the choice of funeral and burial. From high church to secular and humanistic, with traditional interment, cremation or a ‘ natural ‘ burial-or even having the ashes of the deceased put in jewellery or blasted off in a fireworks display.

The range of choices, however, ensures that the deceased and, if they have shared any clear desires, the ritual and/or their final resting place should be given careful thought.

Let’s explore five major types of funerals, so you can decide what’s right for you or your loved one when the time comes.

  • Traditional Religious Funeral Service – Prior to this service, the family often welcomes visitors. A visitation may also include a viewing of the body in the casket (except for Jewish funerals).
  • Non-religious Humanist Funeral Service – The main difference between a religious service and a humanist one is that the latter omits any reference to God or religion. Humanist funerals offer a dignified farewell to the deceased as well as a celebration of life.
  • Direct Cremation Service – With a direct cremation, there is no visitation, ceremony or service beforehand. However, a memorial service may be held at a later date.
  • Green/Natural Funeral Service – A green or natural funeral requires fewer resources than a traditional funeral, so it’s better for the environment. A green funeral avoids embalming chemicals; the extraneous cement, steel or other non-biodegradable materials that conventional burials put into the earth; and lacks the carbon footprint of cremation.
  • Burial at Sea – A burial at sea is a type of funeral in which the person who has passed is released into the ocean, usually from a boat but sometimes from an aircraft.

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