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Find suggested funeral songs suitable for a parent

Most played song at a funeral for a parent

A funeral to honour the life of a parent would be incomplete without a funeral song. Funeral songs help us express how we feel about the person who has passed away. They can also express our deepest sadness and help us to cope with grief. Some funeral songs can also help us celebrate a life lived from Cradle2grave.

Whether you are planning a funeral or memorial service, eziFunerals can help you find a meaningful funeral song from our list of most popular funeral songs to play at the funeral.

How do you decide an a funeral song for a parent?

There are many options for funeral songs suitable for a parent, so selecting the right song can seem overwhelming! Here are some simple tips to help you find the right song.

Consider The Type Of The Service

If your parents funeral is a traditional service, you might want to stick with more traditional song choices (for example, ‘Amazing Grace’ or ‘The Prayer’). If the service is a celebration of your parents life, it might be more appropriate to choose a song that is more representative of your parent (such as your parent’s favourite music or a song whose lyrics remind you of them or how they lived their life.

Make a Short List Of Appropriate Songs

With the type of the service in mind, do some research and make a list of potential songs that you prefer and that you think would be a good fit for your parents.

Listen To The Words

The lyrics of a song are just as important as the melody. It’s important to listen carefully to the lyrics of each song & make sure that the lyrics match the message you’re trying to convey about your parent. It’s helpful to have the lyrics to the songs open while you’re listening. Remove any songs from your list that don’t represent the life of your parent.

Ask Your Family For Advice

Once you have narrowed down a list of potential songs, play each song for close family members & friends who knew your parent’s well. Ask which song they think best honours them. You can also ask if they have any song suggestions you may have missed.

We have collected a list of funeral songs for a parent to choose from. We hope you like them.

Jon Barker Thank You for Being My Dad Play Song
Ill Divo Mama Play Song
Celine Dion Goodbye’s the Saddest Word Play Song
Mike and the Mechanics In the Living Years Play Song
Mercy Me Homesick Play Song
Brad Paisley When I Get to Where I’m Going Play Song
Donna Taggart Jealous of the Angels Play Song
Van Morrison Days Like This Play Song
Luther Vandross Dance With My Father Play Song
Ronan Keating This is Your Song Play Song
Lady Gaga Joanne Play Song
Keith Urban A Song for Dad Play Song
Louis Armstrong What a Wonderful World Play Song
Kate Rusby Who Will Sing Me Lullabies? Play Song

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