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Advance funeral planning

No one likes to think about funerals, but an increasing number of people find that planning for their funeral is a wise decision. It allows individuals to do their homework so that their families will not have to face making decisions at a difficult time.

Planning funerals in advance allows individuals to plan a memorable funeral service that reflects their wishes.

With advance planning, families can be involved right from the planning process so that no difficult decisions will be required in their time of emotion and grief. Planning one’s funeral in advance does not mean one must prepay for the funeral. However, those that choose to prepay alleviate the financial burden for their families.

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Peter is the Founder & Owner of eziFunerals Pty Ltd. Published Author - ‘What Kind Of Funeral?, Vivid Publishing. He has a long family history within the funeral industry and understands the issues faced by both consumers and funeral directors when arranging a funeral from Cradle2grave®.

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