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What is a basic funeral?

A basic funeral (also called an ‘economy’ or ‘budget’ funeral) is the lowest cost funeral that includes a service, which the funeral director can provide.

A basic funeral (cremation) can range between $3600 and $6000. A basic funeral consists of a single service, conducted at the funeral director’s premises or the burial or cremation site.

It would generally occur on a weekday between 8am and 5pm and consists of:

  • arranging and conducting the funeral
  • transporting the body to the funeral director’s premises, mortuary and burial or cremation site, where each individual journey is usually less than 30km
  • storing the body in a mortuary or holding room
  • preparing the body for burial or cremation (not including preparation for viewing or embalming)
  • the least expensive coffin available
  • obtaining compulsory medical certificates or permits
  • burial or cremation of the body.

Remember: The cost of the funeral will vary according to which funeral company you use and the type of services you choose. Remember that you will be charged for each and every service you agree to use. More expensive funerals involve all the elements of a basic funeral (as above) plus additional services and products.

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