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Who can make the arrangements?

If you are the executor of a deceased person’s will, you have the legal authority to make the funeral arrangements. However, you may give this responsibility to a family member or friend.

Make sure you check to see if the deceased person left any instructions in their will or elsewhere about their preferences for the funeral. The will or personal papers of the person who has passed away will often indicate if they belonged to a funeral fund or pre-paid funeral plan which may have details of funeral arrangements.

The administration of the estate could be more difficult and expensive if there isn’t a will. If there is no will, the next of kin or other family members or friends can arrange the funeral as it may be some time before the court appoints an administrator of the estate. The State Trustee, Public Trustee or a solicitor can give you advice on what to do in these circumstances.

Your choice of funeral will depend on a range of factors such as your financial situation or the wishes of the deceased person.

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