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Gifts and jewellery

Gifts and Jewellery

When you learn of someone’s death, it’s common to want to send something to the bereaved to express your condolences. What you decide to give will usually depend upon your closeness with the family of the deceased, their faith and even their needs during their time of loss.

Charity Gifts: Donations

In almost every situation, those in mourning will appreciate donations made to a charity in memory of the deceased. Often, the family will include in the obituary the names of suggested charities. The mourning family may state that donations to a charitable foundation are preferred to floral tributes.

Inspirational Gifts: Memorials and Memories

For many people who have lost loved ones, the whirlwind of activities surrounding the funeral consumes their attention.

It is during the subsequent weeks and months that the feeling of loss really hits. Gifts that commemorate their loved one’s memory can serve as a constant and comforting memory that although their loved one may be gone, his family and friends have not forgotten him.

Personal Gifts: Memorial Jewellery

Memorial jewellery is something that can be treasured for generations and gives the bereaved a tangible way to keep their loved one’s memory close.

There are several types and styles that you can choose from, all customized in special way. You can engrave these pieces with the loved one’s name and memorial dates, include her birthstone or her photo.

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